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Work Your Goals

This weekend, I will be speaking to a group of young people in the Netherlands on becoming intentional and work your goals in 2021. I’m looking forward to what God will do.

We typically approach each new year with much anticipation and expectation of great things unfolding in our lives. And we must. I’m all for great expectations.

Work Your Goals

Go BIG or go home

Jeremiah 29:11 affirms that God’s plan for us is nothing short of significant. So, if you have a promised great future, why would you settle for an insignificant or inconsequential life?

This year, I challenge you to unleash the potential and ambition God planted in you.

Stop holding back your purpose. Stop settling for average. Stop living through the prism of other men’s vision while yours remain untapped and uncultivated.

This year, resolve to be intentional with your life. Make your goals so big they scare you — because you have a big GOD. Stretch yourself.

Yes, go BIG or go home.

Work your goals

It’s no secret many started the year with many prophetic declarations for 2021 (click here to listen to my recent podcast on going beyond prophetic declarations). It’s become a ‘gospel’ tradition. But don’t get carried away.

While you’re yet to get to Canaan, you must work your goals in the wilderness.

Engage God in divine-human partnership. Set clear spiritual and personal goals. Prioritise your life. Cut out internal and external distractions. Then get down and work on your goals, especially when no one is looking.

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This year, channel your energy on being intentional with every decision. Focus on doing work that matters. Live with eternity in view each day. Then you will see God work in and through you.

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