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Glory Days: A Review

After hosting my second book review of the year in my Young Adult Life Group last week (which was truly an amazing experience), I finally got the chance to finish my current read; Glory Days by Max Lucado and what a book!

Highly recommended

Powerful. Personal. Practical. A truly remarkable piece of writing, engaging and genuinely transformational. It’s a book that gets you pondering and praying before the end of each paragraph. I would definitely recommend.

Be rest assured this is not a motivational book, but a practical call and challenge (based on the book of Joshua) to Christians to embrace their inheritance in and through Christ (our Joshua), take God at His word and live out the Promised Land life on earth and in eternity.

In my opinion, I’ve yet to meet a writer who makes a better ‘writer-reader’ connection with written words (and sound theology) than Max.

Why you should read Glory Days

If you’re stuck in the rut, feeling hopeless about your situation, fearful of what’s coming next, fearful about what’s NOT coming yet, increasingly agitated because of the pressures of life – you should get and read this book.

Sometimes, life throws so much at us and we forget who and whose we are. We often lose sight of the One who called us, the One who brought us out to bring us in. Pause and remember. Don’t forget to remember where God is taking you… and it may not be where you are right now.

God has a plan for your life.

Excerpt from the book:

Learn to leave fear and worry behind as you fight from victory, not for victory. Stop going through the motions and dare to believe your best days are ahead. Overcome rejection by becoming deeply convinced that you are God’s child. Demolish unhealthy mindsets and learn to hear the right voice and make the right choice. Deal with doubt by recognising God’s Word as the ultimate authority. Rebound from your mistakes and put your past in your past.

He fights for you because He is faithful

The book of Joshua is an adventure of bold faith and audacious acts (and prayer). But more importantly, it’s a true historical account of God’s faithfulness, which outlines Israel’s conquests of 31 kings (Joshua 12) on their way to possessing the Promised Land, a promise God made to Abraham hundreds of years prior (Genesis 12:7).

Yes, God keeps His promises; you can trust Him. He is faithful. It may only take time. But He is not restricted by time as we understand it; He always comes through. Don’t give up.

The CEO of the Universe is cheering you on. Don’t give up. He fights for you; you can trust Him.

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