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Your Gifts: Stepping Out in Faith Regardless

This week, we started a new teaching series at my cell group centered around identifying and developing our gifts, based on John Bevere’s book X: Multiply Your God-Given Potential.

One of the many things I love about my group is the ease with which we are open and vulnerable with each other.

It’s a truly beautiful thing to come to expect other believers to encourage, support, build, lift and love on you with the mutual grace given us by Christ.

And when it’s time to correct and rebuke, it’s done with much gentleness and grace.

That grace was again on full display this week as we talked about some of the inner tensions we experience when it comes to expressing our gifts.

I will write another post in the future on pointers to discerning and developing our gifts, for those in that space and asking those questions precisely.

Gifted for a purpose beyond you

A central theme in our series is the reality that we are gifted to ultimately transform lives and build God’s kingdom.

Each of us has been endowed with gifts; the ability to do certain things that blesses people in a way that others may not be able to naturally.

Whether it's the beautiful voice that brings heaven on earth, ability to solve complex problems, wisdom to counsel, encourage and lift discouraged hearts, insight to pen words that inspire positive action, great talents in sports or drama, patience to raise grounded children notwithstanding the challenges or a heart drenched with love for the poor.

Whatever your gifts, you’re gifted for a purpose beyond you; to ultimately make much of God and His kingdom.

Peter puts it beautifully this way in 1 Peter 4:11:

…in order that in everything God may be glorified through Jesus Christ.

Stepping out in faith regardless

A gift is given, not earned. God is the Giver of gifts and abilities. The discretion to give is His.

But we have a responsibility to recognise, exercise and grow our gifts. It will be irresponsible on our part to sit back and do nothing about this.

Remember the wicked servant who hid his talent in Matthew 25:14–30? It wasn’t a good ending for him.

Our ability to touch lives and impact society is directly linked to the degree we exercise and develop our gifts.

In our group discourse, I made the point that fear is a major limiting factor hindering some believers from expressing their gifts.

The fear of what (sacrifice, personal cost, commitment and discipline) lies on the other side of your obedience can cripple you.

Abraham did not know where God was asking him to go initially. But what did he do? He went regardless.

You must be willing to step out in faith regardless — Hebrews 11:8.

We can only use our gifts to the degree we exercise our faith — Romans 12:6 // Your Gifts: Stepping Out in Faith Regardless Click To Tweet

When you know God’s call is on your life and He has gifted you in certain areas, take the second step. God already made the first move.

Becoming a faithful steward of your gifts

Understand that you are a caretaker of God’s gift. Always remember that He’s the Giver, you are a steward.

Do you know one thing that stewards always do? They give account to the owner whenever he demands that records be set straight, with or without prior notice.

We all will stand before God someday and account for the faithfulness of our stewardship or lack thereof. So be mindful what you do with your gifts.

But also, be careful of those who demand that you cannot exercise your God-inspired gifts unless they control its expression.

If you listen to them without recourse to the leading of the Holy Spirit, God will still hold you accountable but they will be the first to turn around to judge you for not obeying God.

If that doesn’t sound familiar, then you must read 1 Kings 13 and my post about spiritual ‘fatherism’.

Know your gifts. Develop your gifts. Express and bless humanity with your gifts. Protect your gifts. Glorify and honour God with your gifts // Your Gifts: Stepping Out in Faith Regardless Click To Tweet

And do all of that regardless of the opposition, challenges and doubts you encounter. If God is with you, you have all you need.

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