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The Gift of Purpose

I want to challenge you to think differently about your life. One of the greatest gifts of life is the discovery and pursuit of your inherent purpose — the ultimate reason for which you were created. It’s one of the most freeing experience of life.

Gift of Purpose

Consider your purpose

With a life of purpose comes significant responsibilities. It’s a responsibility many fail to comprehend, grasp, commit to and live out.

Consider your life’s purpose as an offering to God (you were created to live a God-honouring life) and a gift to be shared with the world. There is more to life than what you may think or know.

As 2014 draws to a close (as other years have), you need to pause and ask yourself pertinent questions about your purpose… your life.

Have you discovered God’s gift of purpose in your yet?

Don’t let your life define “T-R-A-G-E-D-Y”

We face a grave generational danger in our time:

Too many people are simply living and dying without discovering or utilising their God-inspired gift of purpose!

They are neither missed nor remembered because their lives made no difference. They left no mark. No impact. Yes, they went to church every week but lived with zero significance.

They simply lived and died. Their lives defined T-R-A-G-E-D-Y! Don’t let that be you.

I challenge you

I challenge you to make a decisive choice about your life. Like a vapour that life is, you don’t have tomorrow in your hands.

I challenge you to humble yourself before God and let Him chart the course of your life. You’re nothing without Him.

I challenge you to stop wasting your life on things that do not count for eternity. You don’t have a lifetime — your time is limited on earth.

I challenge you to make 2015 a year of living out your inherent, ultimate and God-intended purpose. It’s gift to you — don’t waste it.

You will give account of your life and when you stand before God, no excuse will count in your favour.

I challenge you to make 2015 truly awesome.

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From a homeless, near-school-dropout to living a story worth telling. Purpose is my passion. What's your story?

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  1. Joseph – very well said – tragic indeed! All one has to do is glance over their shoulder to see 1 person in need of help, of impact, of care. Don’t be as concerned about how – be concerned about doing, and doing with purpose, not with notoriety.

  2. TestifyTruth

    So be it.

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