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4 Actions to Move Your Life Forward

Last week, I delivered a virtual career talk to a group of international students and young professionals on the future of work and career development.

It was all about progress and moving their lives forward. It was impactful and I had a great time with this amazing group.

As I shared my personal story and career journey, one thing that stood out was the fact that life is about change. And only those who sense the opportunities ahead of others and are willing to take massive risks will win BIG.

I’ve taken significant risks in my life. In fact, my wife and I took another massive risk two weeks ago; one we trust God will pay off big time.

Do you feel stuck and not making the progress you desire? Let me share with you four actions you can take to move your life forward.

Recognise the need for change

You cannot continue on a path that has repeatedly failed to yield results, unless you make the necessary change in your approach, attitude, and sometimes, your direction. Sometimes, your environment could be the problem too.

Change is inevitable in life. But not everyone is willing to embrace it — though everyone desires progress.

Don’t be stuck in your routines, if they are not working. Be the first to hold your hands up and admit the need for change. Identify what needs to change, the degree of change required (radical or small tweaks) and get on with it. Don’t wait for permission.

Unless you’re willing to adapt, life will move on ahead of and without you.

Be proactive about life

I love Ecclesiastes 9:11. The race is not to the swift or the battle to the strong, nor does food come to the wise or wealth to the brilliant or favour to the learned; but time and chance happen to them all.

Unfortunately, we don’t get equal opportunities in life. Some are born rich, some poor. But irrespective of your background, don’t allow it define you.

One of the biggest disservice we do to ourselves is to be laid back about life and expect the world to feel sorry for us.

I understood this early on in my journey and refused to allow the pity of others define me. Instead, I proactively chased opportunities, even if it meant begging for them (which I did!).

Throughout our lives, we will get opportunities to succeed at something. Are you willing to sense and grab them with both hands? To do this, you must be proactive about life.

Stop waiting for good to come to you on a platter — initiate and go create the opportunities yourself.

Find your growth tribe

I wouldn’t be in the position to inspire others today if I didn’t find my growth tribe at various stages of my life.

On a recent LinkedIn post, I wrote about how people changed my life and gave me opportunities to dream, believe, develop, grow, excel and impact others.

Progress cannot happen without the right network of people around us.

If you’re seeking career growth, connect with successful and forward thinking people. If you seek spiritual growth, connect with spiritually-minded mentors and believers. It’s that simple.

You cannot thrive in a community that peddles false narratives, negativity and mediocrity. Find a growth-minded tribe and stay connected // 4 Actions to Move Your Life Forward Share on X

God has designed our progress to be interconnected with others. Just make sure you’re in the right network — a growth tribe.

Develop yourself

When I sensed the passion to share my story and speak publicly many years ago, I decided to study people I found their communication prowess had a compelling impact on me.

I read their books, watched their videos and listened to their audio messages. I was learning and developing myself. It has become a personal habit till date.

You cannot move your life forward unless you are committed to your OWN personal growth and development. Growth may cost you money, time, personal gratification or non-value relationships but in the end, the investment pays off.

You can never lose when you invest in your growth and development. Pay the price today so you can reap the rewards tomorrow // 4 Actions to Move Your Life Forward Share on X

Are you committed to your growth?

Photo by Nadine Shaabana on Unsplash.

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