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This past weekend, I spoke to a youth group in Bonn (former capital city of Germany). It was our first time in the city and we received an awesome reception.

Next, we’re heading to England this week. Remember a guest post I did for Intentional Today, Will You Marry Me?

Two of those young leaders will seal their commitment to pursue each other for the rest of their lives. I’m excited for them and wouldn’t miss their wedding for anything.

The secret to divine favor

Yes, I’m talking forgiveness today. I picked up these words from our church bulletin yesterday:

“Imagine a life in which all things become possible unto you. Think of a life in which all your prayers are answered and every desire leads to satisfactory fulfilment. Consider a life in which no force can overcome you in all you honestly set your heart on while every weakness of your life is turned to strength and you live in constant victory from day to day because you have God’s favor… Divine favour makes all things possible to you. But how does this work in practice? How do we come into God’s favour and remain therein? It begins by receiving God’s forgiveness!”
Image courtesy of bigjom

Image courtesy of bigjom

It’s a two-way journey

Forgiveness frees.

Forgiveness liberates.

Forgiveness lifts. It make you breathe. It changes you, literally.

We are nothing without God’s mercy. Our greatest achievements, our biggest dreams, our magnificent discoveries… they are ultimately nothing if we reject His offer of forgiveness.

Divine favor anchors on accepting His grace to us and basking in its fullness.

But forgiveness is a two-way journey – we receive mercy and must give mercy.

God’s forgiveness to us releases us to experience His love. Our forgiveness to others releases us to give His love.

Why you must give forgiveness

If you’ve received forgiveness, you must give forgiveness. Divine favor abounds to us when we release others into their divine favor, through the power of forgiveness.

Life is too short to hold a grudge or be consumed by bitterness. There’s no better time to live to the fullest than when you’re alive – the dead can’t forgive.

I’m amazed at how God cleansed a wretched sinner like me. It’s an awesome miracle; a miracle that moves me to extend grace to others. It’s a battle sometimes, but a battle that’s eventually won through the help of the Holy Spirit.

Forgiveness is not easy in our own strength. But when we surrender the hurt to the Cross, we find grace to let go and let God.

Who needs your forgiveness today? Go ahead, give it. Make the call. Write the email. Arrange the meeting. Face your giant.


In your experience, how have you been able to grow in forgiveness?

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