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Following Jesus Afar Off — Part 2

From Joseph: This is the second part of Following Jesus series by Michael Chukwu. Find out more about Michael at the end of this post. If you’d like to guest post on The Story of Hope, click here for details.

In the previous post, I narrated my ‘following Jesus afar off’ experience a few years ago. I didn’t want to be identified as a Christian because I had failed to live up to the appropriate Christian standard. You can read that post here.


What does it mean to follow Jesus afar off?

But Peter followed him afar off… Matthew 26:58.

Peter’s unwillingness to identify with Jesus at this time was driven by fear and the perceived danger of embracing his identity with Jesus. Instead, he chose to keep a distance while keeping an eye on events unfolding around Christ.

Many Christians today are also following Jesus from a distance. They prefer not to walk too close to Jesus or be identified with Him publicly. In a world that continues to oppose the gospel, many Christians would rather hide behind the veil.

Are you following Jesus afar off?

Are you following Jesus afar off? Do you hide your Bible, to avoid being seen by others? Do you consistently feel inadequate to share publicly the gospel you claim has saved you privately?

Or maybe you have moved to a new school, city or country and your Christian commitments have gradually waned? Have you become undecided over biblical positions you once held? Is your consecration weakening?

Are you afraid to be called a Christian fanatic because you wholly stand on the entirety of Scriptures and choose to live by what God says on morality? Are you afraid of being classed ‘outdated’ and ‘out of touch’, causing you to tolerate sin around you?

Do you place more value on your human friendships than with Jesus? Are you ashamed to identify yourself as a practising, born again Christian among your unbelieving friends at school or office?

Don’t be a fair-weather Christian

Do you prefer to serve God in secret and rather skip church service (Remember Hebrews 10:25)?

Are you a ‘fair-weather’ Christian? Do you make so much promises to God only when the going is good and look for the next available ‘life jacket’ and head for the exit when the storm rages? Do you value your comfort and convenience more than God’s demands on your life? Do you prefer rational thinking to God’s Word?

If you genuinely find yourself in one or more of these categories, it’s time to re-consider where you stand in your Christian faith. These could be signs of backsliding and spiritual slumber. And like Peter, you need an awakening to repentance and godliness.

Don’t follow Jesus afar off.

More about Michael Chukwu

Michael is a student of Applied Computer Science at the University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany. He is a youth leader with a passion for seeing young people grow and glow where they are planted. You can connect with him on Facebook and Twitter. You can also check out his Youth Aglow Facebook Page.

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