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Overcoming Fear (and a BIG news)

First, the BIG news! Are you ready?

This week, my wife and I had a life-changing experience: we were blessed with the gift of an adorable son, Jason-Noah!

We have been inundated with a massive show of love, for which we are humbled and most grateful. Both mother and child (and father) are well.

Overcoming fear (Video)

In this week’s vlog on The Masterclass YouTube Channel, I spoke briefly about overcoming fear and making the most of every situation, including your fears.

People of significance don’t excel because there’s nothing to fear. The contrary is typical; they succeed in the face of significant challenges.

What’s your biggest fear?

What are you most afraid of? Are you afraid of just trying and failing, losing your dignity if things don’t go as planned or afraid of starting over again?

For some, it’s the fear of just starting in the first place.

It’s one thing to dream a big dream, but it’s a different game to get up and start the doing part.

I’ve been there before; uprooting my family from the UK and starting a new life in Germany and back again to the UK after 4 years was a tough decision. There were times of doubts and uncertainties. What if we got it wrong? What if ‘this’? What if ‘that’?

But the biggest mistake you’d make about your dream is to become so overwhelmed by its size that you never start the journey.

WIN, regardless of fear!

Learn to master your fears.

You may not have perfect conditions but have the courage to step out and step up; you can and will win in life.

Don’t let fear cage your possibilities. Push through the barriers of fear and win in life, regardless of the objects of uncertainties. Soon, you too can say “Made It!

To become awesome in life, you have to take the opportunities as they come. And some of them come only once.

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