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Breaking the FEAR Barrier

In 2011, I came home one evening from work and asked my wife how she felt about the prospect of moving to Germany. She didn’t take me serious. “You’re joking, right?”, was her response.

Few weeks later, my ‘joke’ was no longer funny. I had an offer too good to turn down.

Fast forward a few months and we were cancelling tenancy agreement, engaging an international removal firm, booking flights to go view apartments in a new country, sorting out paperwork, you name it.

Was it an easy decision? Absolutely NOT. Did we contend with fear? We did. Why wouldn’t we? It was a risky move. We were afraid. At some stage, we had more questions than answers. But after much prayer and research, we made the move.

You must refuse to allow fear cripple your long-term vision and goals.

Understanding fear

Fear is:

“An unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain, or harm.”


But there’s more to fear than the dictionary can explain. Here’s my take:

  • Fear is a deeply spiritual experience. Its origin can be traced back to the fall of man — Genesis 3:7-10.
  • Fear evokes emotion that often find outward expression in various ways, anxiety being a chief outlet — Isaiah 35:4, Matthew 6:34, Psalm 34:4.
  • Fear is a purpose killer. It paralyses your capacity to think rationally and it presents your situation as larger than life — Numbers 13:33.
  • Fear CAN also be a success enabler. You can turn your fears into motivation for triumph. It’s all about perspective and having a genuine desire to win in life.

So how do you overcome fear? How do you break your fear barrier? Here are my thoughts:

Know that “I AM” is with you

Over the years, I’ve found Isaiah 41:10 a present comfort when I feel fearful about a situation.

God is with me? I find that a massive help in my battle against fear. The reality that the Creator of the Universe is NOT against me but is with me is a game changer.

Make I AM your God and Rock. Embrace the promise of His presence.

Attack the enemy’s plan

Satan thrives on slavish fear. Attack his plan with God’s promises.

Read 2 Timothy 1:7, Proverbs 29:25, Psalm 56:3, Isaiah 26:3-4 (hover or click on verses to read inline without leaving page) — Don’t allow the enemy’s weapon of fear take root in your heart.

We have a more sure word of prophecy — 2 Peter 1:19. You will do well to pay attention to God’s promises over your life each day.

Step out and make bold decisions

Have the courage to step out and take risks. Risk is right. You cannot overcome fear until you make the move of faith. That book idea, project vision, ministry calling or community initiative will not launch itself. Quit procrastinating and DO IT.

You may not have perfect conditions but you must have the courage to step out and step up.

Don’t let fear cripple you. We didn’t. And that single decision changed the trajectory of our lives in ways you could not have imagined from the outset.

Push through your fear barrier, regardless of the uncertainties on the other side. If I AM is with you, you will win.

How do you break your fear barrier? Share in the comments.

Photo credit: veeterzy on Unsplash.

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