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Have you ever heard the phrase:

“Just take a step of faith!”?

I have, almost every week. It’s a good phrase. It’s powerful too, and church folks love it. But have we become too familiar with Christian jargon that we no longer understand their realities?

Today, I am exploring this question at Pilar Arsenec’s blog (Ordinary Servant), where I am guest posting. I encourage you to head over there to read the rest of the post.

About Pilar Arsenec

I got to know Pilar a few months ago while working together on the launch team of Jeff GoinsWrecked project.  I can tell you for sure that she’s passionate about her faith in Christ. In her words, she describes herself as:

an ordinary woman serving an extraordinary God.

She’s a writer and exclusive book reviewer for (check this list out…) Tyndale, Waterbrook Multnomah (Blogging for Books), Thomas Nelson (Booksneeze), Revell, Bethany House, Chosen, Zondervan, Harvest House, Moody Book Publishers, New Leap Publishing Group, Baker Publishing Group and others.

OK, I guess what I’m trying to say is that this is one woman you need to take seriously and read her stuff.

She’s married with two wonderful boys and is a born again believer with a passion for sharing the hope of Jesus Christ with others.

Now how about you make the short trip to her blog now to read the post here

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From a homeless, near-school-dropout to living a story worth telling. Purpose is my passion. What's your story?

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  1. Great topic, heading over now.

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