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Why I am ‘Deleting’ My Facebook Profile

In the next few days, I will be changing my interaction with and presence on Facebook.

My profile will be converting to a Page and I wanted to notify my readers of this coming change. You don’t need to do anything and I will still have a Facebook presence. Let me take a moment to thank you immensely for reading my craft.  A tribe like you makes the journey worthwhile.

What’s Changing…

You will notice a few changes:

Image courtesy of Master isolated images

Image courtesy of Master isolated images

  1. Facebook will convert your ‘friendship’ to a ‘Like’ (I genuinely hope you don’t mind)
  2. I will (I believe) lose my current Facebook content – profile pictures, likes, comments, etc. Well, that’s one of the prices I have to pay.

Hopefully I can back up content before they disappear.

So Why Am I Doing This?

Well, a couple of reasons and I want to be open about them with you:

  1. I’ve become disenchanted with recent Facebook ads that litter my profile. It’s annoying. If they don’t disappear on Page, then that would be more disappointing. Hopefully they won’t be there.
  2. God humbles me every time I get to speak into people’s lives and they want to connect. That’s awesome! Unfortunately, over 60% of those friendships are people I don’t know personally. I need to regain some control of this part of my social media life as my priorities continue to shift.
  3. My devotional SELAH launches next year and I want to use the Page to promote my brand a bit more.
  4. My favorite reason – Temi and I have finally agreed, after 3 years, that she can have her personal profile if I convert. It means I don’t get to be referred to as Joseph Temi Iregbu in person anymore. I love the name but can live without the subtle confusion. It also means she can publish her content online and I know she’s really good.

If my decision offends you, I can understand. You can still interact with me as usual so you would hardly notice a change. But if you’re so upset you would rather not talk to me anymore (I hope not), it’s all good. Life is too complicated to stress over that :-)… seriously.

I hope you stick around. I hope my words remain relevant to you. But most importantly, I pray we all stay true to God’s purpose for our lives without getting lost in the many distractions we are surrounded by.

What’s the one distraction in your life now you need to get rid of you so you can focus?

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16 Replies

  1. I’d love to know how you were able to switch it over. Mind sharing? 

  2. glory

    its great reading your updates,actually for me, my case is quite different, I left Facebook as soon as I came to Germany, because some post I get ain´t good but i thank God I came do without it.
      And one distraction I have come to notice in my life which is really taking my time is surfing the Internet …but still finding by God´s grace good ways not to make that my priority.

    1. Thanks Glory. Good to read from you. Yes, social media presents good opportunities but one we must be careful with it not allow it rule our lives. Moderation and relevance is always key.

  3. I’ll stick around!  I understand needing to simplify.   

    1. Awww… thanks Eileen! I owe you a cup of your favorite coffee when you visit Germany.

  4. Jide Nowoola

    Great minds think alike I have just recently been thinking of doing the same with my account. I was going to start with taking down my pictures, to which I was going to ask you to please take down Sade and I’s wedding picture, there are too much for me to untag, but since you are already leaving FB I don’t think that would be necessary.

    1. That made me chuckle (talk of your wedding pictures)… They will be gone too 🙂

  5. oh now i am enlightened why “Temi” was  your profile name :).
    I recently opened a Page profile for my Intentional Today site. Just like you, it was kinda challenging to accept ‘friends request’ from people I don’t know closely and I thought a page would be a better way.
    Am currently also at a loss about what to do with these posts/adverts on my personal page. They are such a pain,such clutter. 🙁

    1. Yeah the adverts are a pain. I need to check out your Page – haven’t seen that… or have I?

        1. Cool. Just checked it out (and liked!)

  6. Feyi Oni

    Honestly Bro Joe, I do not mind! Your posts have been of enormous blessings to me and friends too… Watching out for your page…Regards to Sis Temi and sweet Isabel-Juda..

    1. That’s encouraging to read. I am grateful for your support. Continue to spread the encouragement to others. 

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