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This week, a writer and blogger friend I haven’t heard from in over two years dropped me a note to say two things: 2015 is proving to be one of her most difficult year and my post, Two Fears that Threaten Your Destiny, was a timely encouragement that lifted her faith.

As I prayed for my friend, I was reminded of the reality of life:

Grace does not eliminate the presence of spiritual, financial, emotional and physical challenges. Instead, grace gives us the power to stay the course to victory.

Extravagant Faith

Sometimes, you just have to do the ‘unthinkable’

Embracing our challenges does not mean we are resigned to defeat. Rather, like the three Hebrew youths in Babylon facing the immediate prospect of the burning furnace (Daniel 3), we do not give up in the face of our challenges, but hold fast to God.

Maybe 2015 is equally proving to be your worst nightmare so far. But it does not have to continue or end that way.

Recently, I was reminded of how to respond in times of fear and great discouragement in Mark 2. Jesus was preaching in a house that was full of people. Four guys wanted their paralytic friend to be cured.

Faced with the possibility of going home disappointed, they did the unthinkable. They removed the roof of the house (not theirs) and lowered their friend right in front of Jesus. He healed him.

Unethical? In our human analysis, probably. Worth it? You bet! They wouldn’t take no for an answer. This is what I call extravagant faith. And we must learn two key lessons here.

[1]: Our fears must be confronted with extravagant faith

Fear aims to cripple us. Fear makes us ‘believe’ God is not powerful to rescue. Fear breeds unbelief. But faith in God conquers our fears.

There are different kinds of faith. Some have small faith, wavering faith or little faith. But extravagant faith is not conservative, it doesn’t hold back; it is extraordinary. This is the kind of faith that does not give regard for what people think about you.

When you’re already down, why worry about what other people think of you? I challenge you today to step out and confront your fears.

Our fears can only be confronted by extravagant faith; faith that knows no limit. It’s time for you to live and do the extraordinary, to be extraordinary.

[2]: It takes extravagant faith to overcome hopelessness

The four men in Mark 2 knew the moment of hope was right before them and they were not ready to let it pass by.

Sometimes, we risk becoming comfortable in a hopeless condition that we cannot imagine life otherwise. In my experience, the biggest problem of man (asides sin) is hopelessness.

When a man completely loses hope, the worth of life is easily eroded and lost. 

It takes extravagant faith to overcome hopelessness. Jesus responded to their faith, not their fears (Mark 2:5).

Don’t allow your circumstances define your life. Don’t allow your fears tromp your future. Believe. Do the extraordinary.

Question: How do you demonstrate extravagant faith in the face of all your fears? Leave a comment.

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  1. Faith

    Thank you for this post. Something that I really needed to hear.

    1. Thank you, Faith. I’m glad you’re encouraged. God bless you.

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