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Does God Exist?

From Joseph: This is  guest post by Kunle Adetoba. Kunle is a brother, a learner, a worshiper, a believer, and a witness. You can connect with and follow him on Twitter (@KunleAdetoba).

Some years ago, I wrote my graduating project on “Atheism” at the university. I was to consider arguments that prove or disprove the existence of God.

A Journey of Faith vs. Facts

It was really like a journey for me as I examined facts, abstract views and metaphysical conjectures on the issue. As I proceeded, I realized that most of the facts denied the existence of God. Quite frankly that is expected given that God is immaterial and infinite, therefore empirical means can’t be used to prove His existence.

So, can His existence be proven or disproved in any other way? I concluded my project with an interesting thought that will leave you to decide.

Kunle Adetoba

My Conclusion

This is my conclusion:

If God exists, then Heaven and Hell exists, right? If He doesn’t exist then there won’t be Heaven or Hell.
To go to Heaven you have to be righteous and deny yourself of all sorts of worldly pleasures that are sinful so as to please God and avoid His judgement. 
If you live an upright life and you die and there is no God and subsequently no Heaven, what have you lost?
Well your only loss is the sinful pleasures you gave up to follow a God who eventually does not exist. But if He does exist then eternity in Heaven will be your reward.
On the other hand, if you choose to live a sinful life, enjoying all kinds of pleasures and doing things contrary to God’s will and you die and discover there is no God, then you have lived your life to the full by your own standards. However, if you die and God is waiting on the other side then Hell is dead sure.

So What Do You Think?

If you don’t believe in God’s existence now, will you risk knowing it on the other side of life? Are you reading this and you believe in God’s existence but you are not doing His perfect will? You are risking a lot.

Think about what you stand to gain or lose.

How do you personally respond to questions about God’s existence? Leave a comment here.

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