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Everything Rises and Falls on Leadership

A few weeks ago, I attended a leadership conference in The Netherlands where I had the privilege to present a book review to a group of pastors on John Maxwell‘s bestseller, “Developing the Leader Within You“.  

Developing the Leader Within You

Leadership is universal

If you’re in any type of leadership whatsoever and wherever, you MUST read this book. It’s comprehensive, practical, relational and straight to the point.

Everyone is a leader to the extent of their sphere of influence. Leadership is universal (in several aspects). The basic ingredients you need to succeed as a business leader are the same you need to succeed as a leader in your home, church, community and personal relationships.  

John has long mastered the art of conveying deeply spiritual truths through tons of leadership resources in very practical ways that can be applied in diverse spheres of life.

In this post, I’d like to share some general leadership principles from Developing the Leader Within You. In subsequent posts, I will share 10 life lessons from the book, which you cannot afford to miss.

Leaders are readers!

To truly appreciate the book, you have to read and apply its principles in your personal life and sphere of leadership.

Leaders are readers. People that make a difference in life are regular learners. They constantly seek to grow and improve themselves.

We are spending more time on social media and less time reading. The Internet may have increased general awareness or knowledge base of some sort, but has negatively diminished our appetite for reading. This is a cause for a generational concern.

Let’s get back to reading — I challenge you to read a book a month or two. It will improve and widen your perspective.

Everything rises and falls on leadership

Regarded as the world’s number 1 leadership expert in many circles, John has built his life and ministry of developing leaders around one reality:

Everything rises and falls on leadership!

How true! All of life rests on leadership. All of life is determined by leadership — at a personal or national level; by choice or providence. 

As a leader in your home, school, church, community and work, you cannot be passive about who you’re becoming. If you fail to cultivate the qualities of true leadership (will outline them in subsequent posts), you will waste your life and not realise your purpose.

True leaders understand what is at stake. As a Christian, I know leadership is bigger than holding an office or title: it’s about pursuing and fulfilling an eternal purpose in God.

God created you to lead (Genesis 1:26), to give direction to others and to help people come to the knowledge of their true purpose (in God).

Are you leading well?

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