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Is Your Life Making Eternal Impact?

When I was a teenager, I wrote a series on being the salt of the earth — Matthew 5:13. It had a big impact on my readers and inspired me to commit to living on purpose.

Salt changes everything it comes in contact with. Salt is a difference maker. It preserves, cleanses and flavours.

Just as salt is transformative, we are called to be change agents in the world. Our principal passion on earth must be to live the God-intended life in view of eternity.

Is your life making eternal impact on those within your sphere of influence?

We are called for this purpose

Everyone who has placed their trust in Christ has a higher calling — Philippians 3:14.

But let me say that impact is not made by words alone. Sometimes, we speak too much. I love the Chinese proverb that says “Talk doesn’t cook rice.”

Beyond words, our actions must have a positive impact on others. Our acts of kindness, truth, love, empathy and generosity go a long way to touch lives and showcase Christ to others // Is Your Life Making Eternal Impact? Share on X

That’s what being salt entails: practical, relevant and present.

When Paul the apostle met Jesus on the road to Damascus in Acts 9, this singular encounter would change the trajectory of his life… and literally of the history of the world.

When called, he didn’t confer with flesh and blood. He didn’t delay. He didn’t linger.

If your life must make great impact for God, you cannot linger… especially when you consider the urgency of your mandate and brevity of time.

Sometimes, what God is calling you to do may not resonate with the realism of many or may not fit the status quo. But that shouldn’t skew you out of balance. Go on and obey God regardless.

Obedience to God’s call on your life must be prompt and must be paramount above the opinions of men.

Ultimately, let your life glorify God in all ramifications as you help others see and embrace their purpose, and come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ by your words and deeds.

We are called for this purpose. All other commendable influence we wield is secondary.

We must stay focused on this purpose

If you are not living for God’s glory, you are out of sync with His purpose for you. Satan is not afraid of anyone who is not aligned with God’s purpose.

You must be fully surrendered to God and dedicated to your assignment. And with dedication comes a single-minded focus on your calling.

When you listen to naysayers, you will run into a fog. Instead, you must become consumed with a passion to follow hard after God. If you want to leave a significant mark in this world, you must be determined not to please everyone but God.

The men and women in scripture who turned the world upside down weren’t preoccupied with their social status. They had a fire burning in them to live for a bigger-than-life cause.

To make eternal impact in life, you must resolve to focus on what (Who) truly matters and make this single life count. Make it count for something great. Make it count for a glorious cause. Make it count by leaving a positive mark on others… one person at a time.

Be a salt — make your life count for Christ.

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