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Here’s a selection of reviews and endorsements from readers and clients.

SELAH: A 90-Day Journey of Grace & Hope

“A fabulous devotional that will open your eyes to the BIG, LOVING GOD we serve.”
— Sundi Jo, author, Dear Dad and Liar Liar
“Joseph Iregbu’s devotional, SELAH, has helped me to refocus on the message my soul needs the most: my God is the Giver of grace and hope.”
— Tracy Steel, author, Images of His Beauty
“In SELAH, Joseph calls the reader to pause and take a moment to breathe in the beauty of a God full of grace and mercy” — Darin Sargent, author, Rule of Thumb
“This is not just another devotional book, it’s a journey…” — Dave Arnold, author, Pilgrims of the Alley

Book Review – Even in the Well

“Even in the Well is not just well written poetry, it is God-inspired, thought provoking and weighty. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Contemporary issues, biblical principles and Joseph’s unique manner of delivery all contribute to making this book a masterpiece. Read and be blessed.”
–  Dayo Benson, Author of Prodigal & Beauty for Ashes Series
“This book , from its front cover to the back, is filled with very well written, creative verses with very deep and inspirational messages. They are a delight to read and I suspect even people who are not particularly interested in poetry will find themselves drawn by Joseph’s creativity and deep meanings in this writings” –  Ayo Sopitan, New York (Strategy Consultant & Entrepreneur)
“Even in the Well is uplifting. It is a very personal insight into a young man’s soul and spirituality which he shares with us through his characters and distinctive writing style. A true crafter of words, Joseph’s writing has many of the traits of my favourite poets with the addition that it makes me feel genuinely uplifted. I eagerly await Joseph’s next book. I am sure he has more to share with us and I hope that he does” –  David Bryant, Australia
“Pungent and succinct. A strongly recommended read when it is well; and a reread when in the well… Feel free to draw strength from this book and applaud this poet for finding the knack to share so gracefully… even in the well” –  Dr. Victor Ebenuwa, UK

Coaching, Speaking & The Life Course

“Joseph is a strategic thinker and methodical in his ways of dealing with complex situations. Joseph, through his influence, has been able to lead and raise leaders, during his time at Deeper Christian Life Ministry, Liverpool.” – Jide Nowoola, Youth Leader & Change Agent
“Joseph is a brilliant achiever, who lives and works by biblical principles. Having been mentored by him, he’s a genuine Christian and a young man with passion for youths. He is an inspiration to many and definitely a role-model” – ‘Tayo Otubusin, Engineer & Change Agent
“I met Joseph in a training environment on a development program aimed at “changing the world”. Joseph is an intelligent, eager and passionate man. He adds quality to the environment, organizes and facilitates effectively.” – Julius Joseph, Accounting Guru
“Joseph was my leader in every sense of the word, paying attention to every detail and responding to issues accordingly. He was extremely supportive throughout the time we worked together, gave commendations when necessary to encourage better performances in future.” – Sade Nowoola, Youth Leader
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