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Personal Discipline Will Elevate You

Many people want to achieve great personal results but not all are willing to pay the price or commit to the daily sacrifice that good success demands.

It’s easy to admire the achievements of community influencers, spiritual leaders, entrepreneurs, social leaders, ‘techpreneurs’, and business moguls. But success comes at a price.

So many factors may bring success but only a few will keep it. And one of those few fundamentals is our ability to cultivate personal discipline.

Why personal discipline matters

As you work your goals this year, it’s critical to arm yourself with personal discipline.

You must train yourself to act in a manner that is consistent with your core values on a daily basis.

You cannot take a holiday from personal discipline. If you fail to stay consistent to your values, you will lose ground. And when it comes to spiritual matters, more is at stake.

So why does personal discipline matter as you work your goals this year? Because…

Your life will rise or fall on the altar of personal discipline.

Personal discipline is a difference maker if you are intent on fulfilling purpose and impacting lives. Without it, no progress can be sustained.

You may reach significant milestones or achieve great success by reason of focus, hard work and passion. But if you fail to build capacity for personal discipline, it won’t last.

Cut through the noise

Good success is not cheap; it will cost you something.

There are friendships and relationships you must lose to make progress. There are habits you must intentionally kick out to move forward. Progress only comes when we change behaviors // Personal Discipline Will Elevate You Click To Tweet

Cut out the noise and distractions in your life that persistently hinder your growth. Prioritize your life. Don’t be everywhere and don’t answer everything (or everyone) that calls for your attention. 

Consistently filter your life through this simple question: “Is this important and urgent?”

Remember, all things may be lawful but not all are expedient — 1 Corinthians 10:23.

Discipline will elevate you

Your daily habits will shape your character. Your character will shape your destiny. And time is the underlying currency.

Don’t abuse the gift of time. Maximize your life by making most of the short time you have on earth to fulfill purpose — Ephesians 5:16. 

You don’t control tomorrow, so be intentional today by paying attention to your daily habits.

Some don’t make progress because they spend time on unproductive activities that add no value to their vision.

Stay focused on what’s important and cultivate a life grounded in personal discipline; it will certainly elevate you — 1 Corinthians 9:24-26.

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