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Divine Providence in Faithful Labour

As I read Matthew 20:1-10, it became even clearer that these verses paint a picture of the Christian life and ministry. All who labour in God’s vineyard (irrespective of length of service) have their reward.

There’s a strong lesson in these verses: the reward of those that laboured for the least time was not a reflection of their length of service, rather it was that of the providence and mercy of the Master of the vineyard. Consider the thief on the Cross; he did not have an opportunity to evangelise or hold crusades yet his sins were forgiven and he went to heaven. Mercy prevailed over that man!

We must not be weary of our labour nor begrudge God in anyway when He chooses a person for an assignment. Yours (and mine) is to remain faithful in our own calling and place of assignment as those that must give account to the Master of the vineyard… lest we fall into shame on the day of reckoning and reward.

God is faithful, and He will NOT forsake your labour of love.
Keep sowing.
Keep ploughing.
Keep reaping.
You will be rewarded, if you faint not.

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