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The Great Discovery

I was in Berlin this weekend as a keynote speaker at a youth conference themed The Great Discovery. By the way, the ‘brief’ Berlin I saw was beautiful!

The Merchant, The Search, The Discovery

I retold a story Jesus did in Matthew 13:45-46 about a merchant who went in search of many fine pearls and in the end found one of great value. He decided to sell all his possession to buy that one awesome pearl. First, you need to understand that merchants often trade with/in foreign countries. Merchants mean business and are out to invest for profitable return.

Image courtesy of Boykung

There are many key lessons in this story. Allow me share a few:

  1. The Merchant in this story is God (obvious I hope)
  2. Sin is foreign to God, and if we live in sin, we will be foreigners to Him. But the good news is that He is in the business of saving sinners. That should be a great encouragement to us.
  3. There are many pearls in the world but you (yes, you) are precious to God. You are that pearl of great value to Him. Tweet this.
  4. God ‘risked’ everything to bring you into fellowship with Him, to call you son/daughter. Take a deep breathe and take that in.

Thanks For Praying…

This story is amazing to me. And as I spoke, the room was filled with a renewed realization of this wonder among the young people.

We were saturated with God’s grace in the end; two young people surrendered their lives to Jesus and others (some in tears) renewed their commitment.

Thank you so much for praying towards the event. I trust God the transformation will last a lifetime.

Don’t Forget

You are of great value to God.

Don’t waste your life. Seriously, don’t waste it. He is seeking out many every day; seeking them out for forgiveness. Who wouldn’t want that? Who wouldn’t want to be forgiven? Who wouldn’t want to be shown grace and given hope?

Like the father to the prodigal, God’s arms are wide open to receive any who would come in response to this great discovery.

Have you made this great discovery yet? If not, what are you waiting for? (John 3:16)

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  1. John 3:16 is probably the most memorized word in scripture. I replaced my name where the words “the world” come in so that it reads, “For God so loved Maureen, that He gave His only begotten Son…” Oh what a discovery – that he loved me this much. I pray that those who have not yet discovered this will come to the knowledge of God’s love for them.

    Thanks for this Joseph.

    1. I appreciate your words. God bless you friend.

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