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3 Foundational Actions to Develop Your Vision

People of vision are not super-humans with ‘extraordinary’ powers; they’re simply people with a relentless resolve to live intentionally.

If you’re visiting this blog for the first time (or haven’t been around for sometime), I encourage you to read the first two posts on vision:

Vision: What it is and Vision: Why it Matters

What to remember…

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles

There are 7 key insights from the previous posts I want you to remember:

  1. Leadership is intentional and purposeful – you don’t stumble into it. Tweet this
  2. Vision is the platform on which you can fulfill your purpose.
  3. You cannot conceive until you perceive. And until you conceive, you cannot birth or bring to existence.
  4. Vision is active, not passive. Tweet this
  5. Life is the perfect stage for progressive discoveryTweet this
  6. Your life needs direction more than you’re willing to admit and vision is the compass that provides that for you.
  7. Leaders lead from vision, not wishful thinking. People constantly seek authentic leadership and will follow one with a solid vision.

3 foundational actions you need to develop your vision

People of vision understand the big picture. But to make tangible impact in life, however, you need to discover your role in the big picture. This is what we call purpose.

There are many ‘awesome’, ‘inspiring’ and ‘easier’ ways to develop vision. But I believe in setting yourself up for good, godly success, not psychological thrills. Call them the basics but God-intended vision requires you to:

  • DESIRE: You must have a strong desire to know and develop your role out of the bigger vision of God. Your hunger and thirst for fulfilling purpose is a major ingredient to developing a personal vision (Matthew 5:6). If there’s no desire, there can be no pursuit. You cannot chase what you’re not desperate or don’t see a need for.
  • PRAY: You must commit yourself to earnest prayer and seek God’s face to reveal ‘something’ tangible to you. God knows our individual life purpose and we can discover (and develop) it by earnestly seeking His face. We can unlock the hidden treasures of heaven that pertain to our lives through prayer.
  • WRITEMake the vision plain – mentally and visually. A written vision can hardly be forgotten. It will serve as a daily reminder until it becomes part of who you are. Don’t just ‘picture’ it, describe it in written words.

Now that we have the basics covered, what other concrete actions can people take to develop their vision? I’d love to read your experiences and thoughts.

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7 Replies

  1. Excellent series on vision!

    Prayer is so important. I don’t think people realize how important it is. God really does listen! That’s pretty awesome!

    1. @TCAvey:disqus I think we often tend to underestimate spiritual foundations and focus too quickly on 10-step psychological or physical guide to develop vision or do anything. Prayer is very important indeed and the One who owns the vision reveals His will when we go on our knees.

      1. “the One who owns the vision reveals His will when we go on our knees”
        AMEN! Power on our knees as well as revelation!

  2. Joseph – you’re doing a great job with the vision series. Where do values come into the mix with vision? Or is it that values help guide your vision?

    I would say that you should act on your vision daily.

    1. @sparkvoice:disqus, I like to think of the connection in a slightly different way: What you’re willing to live for (vision) will determine what you stand for (values). So I believe your vision helps you identify your core values but those values then guide how you live (so you’re correct in that respect). This is a very important point you’ve raised. Maybe I will clarify it in another post. You’re very right that we should act on vision everyday. Thanks brother!

      1. This sounds like a great conversation, and an entertaining post to come. Thinks for the additional depth.

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