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A year ago, I was contacted by a final year software engineering student from the Netherlands following recommendation by a mutual friend. He wrote in his email:

“I don’t exactly know what I want to do with my life or what God wants for me. I have difficulty understanding my purpose. For example, I don’t know which career path to follow. I have so much uncertainty in many areas of my life. I really need some advice or mentorship.”

Mark Emirali

Purpose is determinant

Understanding your personal purpose is key to the outcome of your life. Whether you will be a success or not hinges on finding out why God created you… and spending the rest of your life living it.

Purpose is determinant and we cannot change or take that reality for granted. Our purpose defines who we are.

I’ve often been asked how one can discover his purpose. Among other responses, I’d always recommend to seek God’s face to find out what you’re wired to do. But there’s more…

Vocation often leads the way

I remember talking to my student friend about his passion and career options. He was torn between applying for a Masters programme or looking for employment opportunities in a city he felt his chances were rather slim.

As I engaged him at one of our Success Masterclass programmes and over the course of a mentoring session, it was clear to me he didn’t need to do a Masters straightaway.

Instead, he needed to harness his passion for technology and software engineering, finish his degree and build a vocation around that passion.

Vocation often leads the way. When you’re engaged in meaningful work in what you love, God leads you to the realisation of your purpose.

People who are not committed to a finite cause cannot handle the bigger-than-life cause that purpose calls them to.

Determined to Succeed

So, we set out a plan. In a few weeks that followed, we tidied up his CV and set a high benchmark on the types of companies that fit his skill set.

He did most of the hard work from that point and didn’t look back. There was something different about him:

He was very determined to succeed!

I saw the hunger in his eyes. With no family to fall back on for support, he was determined to overcome every challenge. With a bag of hope and willingness to act on advice, I just knew he’d be alright. My work was almost done; the rest I committed to prayer.

A few months later, he got a 6-month placement at a top management consulting firm (a household name around the world). Last week, he emailed to notify me he’d graduated from university. And that wasn’t all…

What will your story be?

He’s been offered a position by the management consulting firm in their software development team. He said something truly remarkable in his email:

“I will definitely [use my story to] encourage other students as I have always done, even when things were not clear for me.”

While I’m a firm believer that a job in itself is not your purpose, I know that people who are engaged in the work they love often realise their inherent purpose from what they do.

He didn’t sit back and wait for life to happen. He wasn’t shy or afraid to ask for help. Fear and false confidence hinder so many people from seeking advice and guidance.

I’m confident my friend is on the right path to discovering his purpose in life. I’m delighted for him. He didn’t give up despite the frustrations and challenges he experienced.

Don’t give up. You have a story to tell and people to encourage.

Image courtesy of Mark Emirali | Flickr

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  1. Your post reminds me of a book I just started reading, “Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life” by Donald Whitney. In it he says, “Discipline without direction is drudgery.”

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