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Connecting with Destiny Helpers

I was going through my archives this week when I stumbled on notes from a conversation I had with one of my mentors 4 years ago. It was refreshing to read it again.


As I shared with him my vision and what I believe is God’s mandate on my life, he looked me in the eyes and said:

Stay away from people who desire to bring you to public glory. Seek people who desire to help you achieve destiny.

The danger of public glory

Public ministry is a dangerous place. There is the ever-increasing tendency to lose the ‘God-picture’ and assume it’s about you.

It’s not.

All of life is firstly about God. All of life is lastly about God. Everything in-between is all about God.

I admire my wife’s principle of ‘behind-the-scenes’ ministry and service. Don’t get me wrong; public ministry is necessary. But my mentor’s words made (and still makes) perfect sense.

When you do well at anything, people will sing your praise. You’ll be placed on an elevated platform. And if you’re not careful, it can become the very platform that brings you down.

Wired in every individual is the natural tendency to be validated. Fortunately, the renewed man/woman gets his validation from God, not man. We must resist the pull and danger of seeking public glory.

Matthew 6:33 says:

“But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you”

This must be and remain the guiding principle of our Christian lives and ministry. Jesus, in John 13, demonstrated a perfect example of servant leadership by washing His disciples’ feet. He wasn’t interested in the praise of men but in doing the will of the Father.

Connecting with destiny helpers

Like Jesus, we must surround ourselves with people who are determined to help us fulfil our destiny and purpose.

“Seek people who desire to help you achieve destiny.”

They come in form of families, pastors, colleagues, friends, life coaches, mentors and complete strangers. Even Judasthough tragically, played a role in helping Christ fulfil His ultimate destiny.

I’ve experienced God repeatedly use strangers to inspire, challenge and encourage my destiny, especially when I’ve found myself in a new environment (by reason of work or ministry).

Those you surround yourself with can shape the outcome of your life more than you realise. Not every friendship is healthy for you. Not every relationship will support your God-given assignment.

Be selective. Be watchful. Be humble; humble enough to admit when you get it wrong, humble enough to turn your back on destiny destroyers, humble enough to seek counsel and advice.

I met my mentor (a stranger at the time) through an unexpected turn of event. But I followed up and built a connection with him because I knew there was something tangible I could benefit from his passion for God.

Sometimes, God brings people into your life just for a specific moment and with a word. This was my moment, my word. What’s yours?

Question: Who are you connected or connecting with today? Consider reviewing your relationships and decide who’s right for your personal and spiritual growth or not.

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  1. Mukonyezi Patrick

    Destiny helper..
    Am Ugandan ,aged 25,born again ,am looking someone to support my studies to continue with my masters degree. Thanks

  2. Nicholas Nganga

    Please pray that God will bless our Little Oak Garden a Christian tourism holiday home project in Kenya with international partners.
    Phone: + 254 (0) 748840033

  3. Kabakama Jane

    My greatest desire is to exalt Jesus.

  4. Kabakama Jane

    From a very humble background and a gospel preacher, gospel song writer and worshiper.

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