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Day Out With Youngsters

Today, I had fun; lots of it too!!! I hear that too much of everything is not good… well, not today. I spent the day with some youths from my local church. We went bowling, played table soccer and ate… yeah, lots of that too. It was fun. I enjoyed myself.

I have learnt over the years the importance of engaging with the younger generation. It opens doors for relationship building, networking, learning and impartation. Young people shouldn’t see the older generation as out of touch with their reality. When we create time for young people, we become their best friends. So when today presented the opportunity, I took it with both hands. They are my passion.

Of course I won the first round of bowling (oh yeah!!!!) but not sure how my Pastor beat me to second place in the next round… I suspected some foul play there because the computer allowed him play twice for more points at the expense of other players; some miracle that was!
But at table soccer, my team showed no mercy as we whooped his team and I loved that feeling. And to make the revenge sweeter, his son was my playing partner and scored most of the goals!!! That boy was good.

As we relaxed over lunch and walked back to the car, we engaged in insightful discussions with the youngsters. I’m glad I was there, I learnt a lot and I’m thankful to God.

I’m seriously tired tonight. After vigil last night and out all day today, I needed to rush home for house fellowship tonight. I wouldn’t miss my house fellowship for anything. I love my folks. We shared about prayer, forgiveness and God’s mercy. Testimonies are never lacking in my house fellowship and we had lots of it tonight again. But right now, I’m exhausted and need to rest. There’s church tomorrow and I know God has plenty to share with us. May God bless you tonight as you prepare for church tomorrow where you are.

Many blessings.

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