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Day Out With The Men

I spent today with the men from my local church. We hit town for most of the day to eat, share, strategise and kick off new initiatives for 2012. Coming to Essen has given me a new opportunity to be relevant to people’s lives. London, Liverpool, Watford, Uxbridge, Lagos…these places have been uniquely great to me and I relish my time serving God and His people there. But this season is for Essen and I’m committed to making my life count as ever.

The food was great; a combination of spicy Asian delicacy and KFC to top it up. The discussions couldn’t be more intense, down-to-earth, genuine and yet practical and soul-searching. And there was lots of comedy and laughter weaved across every poignant issue we tackled.

Today was the start of something new… We made a commitment to kick off a new support network for one another. Each month, we will alternate between sports, bible study, video day and prayer meetings covering a host of issues on our spirituality, finances, family life, marriage, singleness, career and practical personal challenges. Through these, we are praying and hoping God will unleash a new revival upon our men as we push forward with the agenda of the gospel. More importantly, we want to commit to supporting one another in practical ways, ensuring we grow together with a single passion.

I’m super excited!!! I covet your prayers for us. I’m confident this is the beginning of something new. And by God, we will do valiantly.

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