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Courage: The Fuel of Greatness

In the past couple of weeks, we’ve looked at three pillars of greatness; from the realisation of purpose, to the pursuit of excellence and the call to make personal sacrifices. Which of these fundamental pillars have challenged you the most? Drop me a note to let me know.


This week, I’ve immersed myself into the life and journey of Joshua. As I continue to study his remarkable story, one thing stands out about him — his courage!

Courage is contagious

Joshua’s courage was (and still remains) contagious:

  • From an assistant to a national leader and reformer — Joshua 24:15
  • Stood up to Amalek and defeated them — Exodus 17:8-13.
  • Refused to give in to the false comfort of unbelief, but rather chose to be different — Number 13 & 14.
  • Successfully led a multitude into their land of promise… after 400 years!

Make no mistake — Joshua was a man of courage and that set him apart from the rest of the men of Israel by several miles.

Courage is the divine grace to act out your core beliefs despite danger or the fear of  failure. Courage is the reason great men and women never surrender despite all odds against them.

Great men don’t give up in the face of adversity (Proverbs 24:10, 2 Timothy 2:3).

They don’t faint (2 Corinthians 4:16, Isaiah 40:29-31).

They don’t live in perpetual fear (Isaiah 50:7).

They don’t falter.

They live courageous!

The courage of William Booth

William Booth (1829-1912) of the Salvation Army faced severe hatred and disruptions from the community. He had a divine calling to serve the physical and spiritual needs of the poor in his community.

But some nights he came home with torn clothes and bloody bandages because he regularly encountered a mob of men who opposed his ministry. But he never gave up!

Today, the Salvation Army International is a global ministry that continues to be an integral part of the church. It remains committed to serving the poor through education, poverty alleviation programmes and other community schemes, while emphasising God’s saving grace.

How will you be remembered when you die?

How will your story read?

God is looking for men and women of courage and resolute focus. But the type of courage scripture speaks about is not one we are born with: only God gives this kind — Joshua 1:6,9.

If you must join the league of great men and women, you must strive like they did, live a life of excellence like they did, be willing to pay the price of greatness like they did and ultimately show the courage they did.

But you need a lot of help to do that… and God can’t wait to lend you a hand. Make sure your story ends well.

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  1. I don’t know the number of times we are told in the Bible to “Fear not” or to “Be of good courage”, but I know those lines and many like them are in the Bible repeatedly.

    God knows fear is a very real threat to us, so He wanted to make sure we realized we didn’t’ have to surrender to that fear. through Him, we can overcome.
    The same God who parted the red sea and raised Christ from the dead is IN us (Christians). We don’t have to face life’s challenges alone. He walks with us.

    1. Well said, TC. Through God, we can overcome our fears. Thanks for sharing.

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