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Conversation with my 8-Year Old

During an evening walk with my 8-year old daughter this week, we talked about her progress with remote learning and the impact of lockdown on her personally.

What she shared with me re-emphasised the importance of checking in on those you love and never assuming anything.

Conversation with my 8-Year Old

‘Cooked up’

Take for instance (she said), her 3-year old brother gets to leave the house most days to attend nursery while she’s ‘stuck’ at home with school work and zero social contact with her friends, sometimes leaving her feeling ‘alone‘ or ‘cooked up at home’.

Of course, we are a tight-knit family unit that have so much fun together and have lots of conversations. But as a parent, I cannot ignore her feelings and observations.

There is only so much children can take in terms of losing social contact with the wider world, so I’m learning to pay more attention to her and keep the conversation going.

She loves the countryside outdoors and I’ve resolved to be more intentional in creating even more time with her for our evening walks.

Check in on those you love

When was the last time you were intentional about checking in on those you love, especially those in close proximity such as your household?

Do not assume proximity equal “I’m OK”. Never under-estimate the unintended impact the current restrictions and new ways of living may be having on you and those you care about.

Sit down with your spouse, son, daughter, niece, cousin or a friend and have a meaningful conversation about their spiritual, mental and physical wellbeing.

Check in on those you love and don’t leave anything to chance.

It’s often commonplace to regret tomorrow the things within our power to do today. So, don’t procrastinate. Don’t push this plea away. Once again, check in on those you love.

Bear one another’s burden

It’s amazing how scripture has every aspect of our lives covered. We are challenged to support others within our sphere of influence.

Galatians 6:2 demands we bear one another’s burden and in doing so, we fulfil the law of Christ. Essentially, we are commanded to live a selfless life and care about the welfare of others.

In these uncertain times in our world, I want to encourage you to reach out, reach in and become intentional about checking in on others.

No one ever truly lives purposefully who lives for him/herself alone. Purpose compels us to be a blessing to others. Share on X

So ask yourself today:

In what way(s) can I be a blessing to someone today? In what way(s) can I bear the burden of others in a manner that pleases God? In what way(s) can I represent Christ on earth by touching someone’s life positively?

Start with a conversation. Start with a hug (only in your household). Start with a phone call. Start with a text or WhatsApp message. Start with ‘Hey, how are you doing today’. Just start.

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Photo by Marleen Mulder-Wieske on Unsplash.

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