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What Every Compelling Message Needs

I hosted the second edition of The Life Course Success Masterclass Program on March 8th 2014. It was a huge success.

Breakout Session 1

When God orders our steps

We had 20 students in attendance (and a guest from the UK). That’s over 100% increase from January edition. How the students pulled it off, I really don’t know. But they did amazing.

One student wasn’t feeling too well on the morning of the event and had doubts about turning up. She made it, only difference was she ended up bringing 3 friends with her, one of whom only came to wish her speedy recovery.

During lunch break, one of her friends said to me:

“I didn’t think these kinds of platforms or events existed around me. So glad I came to see my friend today and ended up at such an awesome opportunity. God ordered my steps. I can’t imagine staying at home and missing this!” 

That’s incredible! Great things can happen to us when God orders our steps.

What every compelling message needs

At the Success Masterclass Program, we use a combination of videos, audio-visuals (presentations) and most importantly an open platform incorporating discussions, reflection, role plays, humour and food (lots of that one!).

In my experience of facilitating teams, these components have proven to be effective tools for delivering a compelling message. But there’s one ingredient that genuinely makes the difference:


Without passion, you cannot lead effectively. People follow those who believe in their message. If God has given you a vision, spread it like your life depends on it. It probably does!

Without passion, the people you lead can see through you. With passion, they can see through you too. Not much can be achieved when we are not consumed by an inexplicable passion for our God-given mandate.

When God gives you a compelling vision, throw yourself completely into it.  Share this.

The Success Masterclass Program is a compelling vision that challenges the status quo and gives students a platform to change their family tree. Students get to think deeply about their lives differently. I believe in what I do because it’s transformational.

Breakout Session 2

Without purpose, you’re broken

The core message of the recent edition of the course centered on living a life of purpose. Imagine looking at 2o+ university and college students and telling them their first priority in life is to realise why God created them, live with purpose and not waste their lives.

There were times I thought I’d lost them in the details only to hear comments like:

“I never thought of it like that before!”

I recently came across a powerful quote that left an impression on my students:

“If you lose your purpose…. it’s like you’re broken” – The Invention of Hugo Cabret.

Don’t experience this type of ‘brokenness’.

Every good vision needs encouragement

In the last 48 hours, I have been receiving feedback from the students:

  • “Thanks for making such an event a possibility, really inspiring. The program seemed to answer so many questions I ask myself almost daily.”
  • “It was wonderful. I was going through a lot of issues and attending that program really gave me hope.”
  • “Thank you so much for inviting me to the program. I felt like my dream suddenly came alive. Can you be my mentor?”

Breakout Session 3

I am encouraged by these words; a testament to the fact that when we step out and lead, God backs up His word and does what He alone is able to do in us and through us.

On our part, what other ingredients do you think a compelling message requires to spread effectively and have life-changing impact? Share in the comments.

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