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Praying to Stay Committed to a Vision

This past weekend, I was in Eindhoven with my family, a metropolitan city in the south of The Netherlands to launch The Life Course Success Masterclass Program. Following its successful launch in Essen, Germany, we have received invitations to extend the initiative to other cities.

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Having the platform to challenge, influence and help shape the mindset of students and young people remains a humble privilege for us — we don’t take it for granted.

What your prayers did for us

Thanks to your prayers, we had 20 in attendance. We were blown away by stories of determination, risks, challenges, persistence and passion — people committed to changing their life’s direction to fulfil God’s purpose for them.

In the end, the group made a commitment to host The Masterclass every 3 months in Eindhoven. Truly remarkable!

Some of the feedback we’ve just received read:

“Through the program, I’ve realised that I need to prioritise and refocus my life.
“I have learned to do what I would have done in the future now without procrastination and always take action.”
“The program teaches me life, dedication to God and that I need to be hard working so that my dreams come through. I was also made to reason strongly that if I continue with my friends in five years, what difference would I make? I have to prepare and be ready for the future.”
“I have resolved to do what I have to do in life now as if I have 30 minutes to live on earth.”
“I’ve learned that my dream is achievable — I should think like a Christian!”

What your prayers can do for us

God’s vision for the program continues to grow beyond our imagination than when we started earlier this year.

There’s a deep sense that God is at work in lives through the Masterclass. Some testimonies we receive affirm the same. But make no mistake — God is the One at work, not man. The vision was God-inspired and will remain so.

Your prayers can do this.

We are trusting God to take the program right into universities and colleges. We want to be ‘in the fields’ — where youngsters and students who lack direction can receive career, spiritual and personal guidance. 

Your prayers can do this.

We are trusting God to raise passionate leaders who share the vision of the Masterclass and are willing to run the program themselves in their respective colleges, universities, local churches and communities — touching and influencing lives for God’s glory.

Your prayers can do this.

Your prayers can help us stay committed to this vision. Your prayer can encourage us. Your prayers can mean at least one student who’s disillusioned is transformed and given fresh perspective.

Your prayers can change lives. Will you pray with and for us, as God leads you?

If you have a student community and would like to learn more about how The Life Course Success Masterclass Program can help them, drop me an email. I will send you some information about what we do.

Image by Sid Turner | Flickr 

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  1. Praise God!
    Prayer does change lives. It has power to accomplish anything God wills and God wants all to join the Family of God.
    I’ll keep praying for you all. God bless.

    1. Thank you, TC! Please keep praying. Have a blessed evening.

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