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Nothing Changes Until You Are Intentional

As the year gradually draws to an end, it’s imperative to take stock and assess how you’ve fared, goals attained and the gaps that remain.

The one who must move forward must look back and equip himself with key lessons for the days ahead.

At the start of the year, I encouraged you to do two things: go BIG with your dreams and work your goals with baby steps that lead to progress. I hope you did. I did.

So much to be grateful for

As you reflect on 2021, wherever you find yourself, start with gratitude.

Believe it or not, you are not where you were in January. You survived the chaos. You’ve grown. You’ve made progress. And you’ve learnt many lessons along the way.

Granted you may be ending the year with some of the uncertainties you started with. But through it all, you’re still here. Standing.

This year, we were stretched on many fronts. We stepped out of our comfort zone, started new projects and initiatives, launched into uncharted territories but faced many obstacles.

We were tested. We were tried. But God strengthened us to stay the course and the wins just kept coming.

Through the experience of the uncomfortable came spiritual growth, deeper family bond, opportunities to help others live with purpose and achieve their dreams, new life-giving relationships and increase on various levels.

Because we chose inconvenience, we experienced God at work in our lives.

There is so much to be grateful for in 2021. How about you? What are you grateful for?

Until you’re intentional…

There are still some days before the end of 2021. That means you still have a window of opportunity to make the year count for good.

I believe in prayer. I believe in miracles. I believe in the supernatural. But I’m always concerned when folks leave their personal responsibility on the altar of prophetic words.

Let me explain.

Too many depend on prophetic declarations at the start and end of the year from many pulpits without being intentional about their lives, goals and decisions.

For some, the words of ministers will always hold true regardless of their own passivity. That’s a lie.

Faith requires our active participation and response in line with the inspiration of scriptures and the Holy Spirit. Until you're intentional, you cannot make progress // Nothing Changes Until You Are Intentional Share on X

God is neither a magician nor a grandfather. Follow His principles and your life will flourish, the first of which (principles) is the obedience of faith.

As we find ourselves at the cusp of yet another year, how would you position yourself to live out your dreams, trusting God for your desired outcome — Jeremiah 29:11?

It’s not enough to expect great things. Change comes when we take intentional actions of faith.

Remember, nothing changes until you are intentional.

Here’s wishing you a merry Christmas and an intentional new year.

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