Ahita: The Curse is Broken — A Poem

This week, I was reminded of the power of hope in God. However long the challenges you face, God remains faithful to hear your prayers, heal your heart and give you deep peace. I want to share a poem from my book Even in the Well to encourage you to […]

Encouraging Others with Your Comfort

I have learnt by experience that the most important season to pour yourself into others, intercede for others, serve others, give and encourage others is during your own season of uncertainties, challenges and scarcity. Make no mistake; the call to selflessness is for EVERY season. However, in no other time […]

Dare to Believe Again

A few days ago, I listened to a sermon on how to make your life count and one of my take-home was that the best of life is often (if not always) created out of constraints. The more I pondered those words, the more they rang true. We can produce […]

How to Win Your Battles

The story of David and Goliath remains an ageless inspirational classic. The odds were simply against the young lad. Check out Goliath’s remarkable profile: His winning track record? Formidable. His size advantage? Unprecedented. His gear? Impenetrable. David’s victory over the giant was a miracle. Yes, God did this. But David […]

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