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Three Life-Changing Realities of Calvary

Easter is significant. For Christians, it’s the foundation of our faith; it defines who we are. The Easter weekend presents an opportunity for everyone (as does every other day) to discover true freedom and genuine meaning to life.

More than a story…

This weekend, millions will stand in awe as they reflect on Christ’s mercy and sacrifice for our redemption. We will be reminded again of the greatest love ever given to mankind.


“Greater love has no one than this, that someone (Jesus) lay down his life for his friends” — John 15:13.

The message of Calvary will be amplified in the hearts of millions and many will be drawn to make peace with God. I pray you respond to that call or are used by God to amplify that message to others.

As children, we learned the Calvary ‘story’; the son of God came to the world, lived a short life, did many awesome miracles, was betrayed by a greedy friend and endured a painful death for a great cause of redemption.

In due course, it became evident to me this wasn’t a story as I was made to believe but a historic reality that would later become a personal experience in my life.

I’ve come to understand three life-transforming realities of Calvary (among many) that have changed my life, and should change yours too.

1. We are (were) sinners

We are neither ‘self-sufficient’ nor posses any ‘inward goodness’ that can redeem us. The heart of man naturally seeks his own way. As I often say, we’re messed up and in desperate need of a Saviour.

For those humble enough to admit it, the Cross reveals our inward sinfulness. If you’ve experienced Calvary, you’d recognise the strong guilt of sin you felt and the desire to be free of the burden of sin.

Jesus brought us hope of eternal freedom from sin; a hope that removes God’s judgement from us. On the Cross, God’s mercy met His justice. Calvary is where sinners become saints.

2. No one can love us like God already does

As a young Christian, no verse in scriptures conveyed God’s love to me better than Romans 5:8:

“…but God shows His love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”

Calvary is a display of God’s perfect love, grace and benevolence to mankind. Despite our rebellion, He didn’t give up on us.

He pursued us through Christ’s perfect atonement two thousand years ago and hasn’t stopped doing so today.

3. Jesus suffered to make us free

Jesus suffered.

The thorny crown, the weight of the Cross, the deafening chants of the blood-thirsty mob, the vinegar, the assault of the soldiers, the indifference of Pilate… Calvary was by no means an easy journey for Christ. He was despised and ridiculed. But He endured everything… for us!

Christ’s sufferings on Calvary, while we reflect soberly on them, brought us three amazing blessings:

  1. God’s condemnation passed away from us — Romans 8:1.
  2. Darkness passed away from us; we moved from death to life — 1 John 3:14.
  3. We gained a new identity. We’re no longer lost and empty; we have a reason to live — 2 Corinthians 5:17.

Your Task: Share the message of Calvary with someone this weekend and in the coming days.

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