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I receive regular emails and messages from my readers across Europe and Africa, especially young adults who say I have challenged them to get on the path to making the best of their lives. These messages encourage and inspire me to continue what I do. While I was at the Leadership Conference last week, I got an email from Alamu. He had read the concluding edition of my Salt Series articles on my MINE Magazine column. I have never met Alamu. I was moved by his sincerity and attitude, and his determination to influence change around him…
Let me share with you some of his words, but make sure you read to the end for my call to action:

Hi, Joseph Iregbu.
Great job you are doing. Your life, works and story is an inspiration to me. I came across MINE Magazine yesterday night (May 15, 2012) for the first time, and I instantly fell in love with its vision and passion. A friend who knows about my passion for teenagers had brought it to me hoping I will reach RCCG Oyo Province 1 teenagers with it (Oyo is a state in western Nigeria). While I was reading this afternoon (May 16, 2012), I came across your piece in the December-January 2012 edition – “The Salt Series Finale” and instantly lost my calmness and peace.

I am a 30 year-old single Christian with interest in social development works, governance, and human resources management. I hold a degree in History from the University of Ilorin, and presently volunteer as the Team Leader/Strategist of GetFired Project; an education revival/student redemption project I initiated on May 27, 2011. The project seeks to eradicate misplaced priorities, moral decadence, and academic ineptitude and indiscipline amongst students in my environment – Oyo State.

My passion for teenagers got ignited while I was doing my National Youth Service where I volunteered as a Peer Educator in the NYSC/UNICEF scheme on Reproductive Health, HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care Strategies. Ever since then, I’ve been involved in a few more charity work as Training/Seminar Facilitator and Project Consultant.

Serving as the Team Leader/Strategist of GetFired Project, I’ve been to schools in Ibadan (capital of Oyo State) with exposure to a wide range of needs amongst students. Through this awareness I recently came up with two ideas to address some of those needs: Adopt-A-School Project and Oyo Scholar Magazine Project.

The idea of Adopt-A-School Project is to raise an army of passionate youths in the society (fresh graduates, volunteer workers, NYSC members et al) who will adopt a school with the goal of living the GetFired Project dream in such school. The action plan is to set up Life Coaching/Leadership/Performance Enhancement Classes in the adopted schools.

The idea of the Oyo Scholar Magazine Project is to raise a team of youth leaders with expertise in A.A.S areas of concentration, who will commit to write for the magazine regularly. The plan is to make the magazine a working aid for the A.A.S workers.

I lost my peace and calmness reading ‘The Salt Series Finale – Inspiring Stories of Real People Creating Real Change in a Real World’ because my own dreams, though noble, has largely remained a dream, while others are fulfilling their own; not because I am not strong-willed enough to bring it into fruition, but because I have been helplessly incapacitated by limiting circumstances.
I have been seeking employment since graduation in 2008 and this places me at a great disadvantage in terms of resources. I have personally financed GetFired Project since inception, with a few volunteers periodically adding some human resources.

While I hope to get more inspired by my conversation with you, I pray God gives me more time. UNLEASH 2012 is my latest youth initiative to run in June 2012 but may however be my last work, at least for now due to people and financial constraints.

Alamu Samson”

Alamu is full of potential, passion and has a strong commitment to making his dream a reality. But today, he stands on the verge of losing steam due to lack of financial and human support. Would you like to help Alamu keep his dream alive and help hundreds and thousands of youngsters shape their future? There are many more Alamu’s around us who need our support and encouragement. Get in touch with me if you would like to show some support and help Alamu continue his projects. Whatever you can do. Whatever you can give. Contact me today! Visit my website and use the contact form there to drop me a message on how you can help and show your support. Otherwise, you know how to reach me on Facebook and Twitter. This is an opportunity for you to be the change you want to see.

Also be sure to check out GetFired Project Facebook page and blog.
GetFired Project on Facebook
GetFired Project Blog
Alamu’s Personal Blog
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Let’s help Alamu keep his platform for fulfilling his God-intended purpose – the same platform on which he stands to help others achieve their own purpose.

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