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A few days ago, I encouraged us to Get to Work with planting and watering our visions, dreams and purpose (and those of others!)

We reminded ourselves we cannot idle away and expect a miracle. Increase can only come to a seed that is planted and watered, otherwise it will die. I believe in miracles but the church sometimes misappropriate the place of divine providence when we encourage faith without works. But thank God we know better; I’m encouraged to know that you are getting busy and making the best of the opportunities we have in 2012 already. I’m already reading and hearing the testimonies, keep them coming!

Let me follow up briefly with this short piece; the part B:
“So neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything, but only God who gives the growth.” (1 Corinthians 3:7 ESV)
After all we achieve and do, we must recognise it’s all about God. He is the One that makes our work yield fruits. This scripture comes to mind: it’s not of him that wills nor him that runs, but God that shows mercy. It is God that shows mercy. It is God that brings increase. It is God that gives growth. Our planting and watering is crucial but the show is about God. Our vision pursuit and goal setting are indispensable but it’s all about God. That right perception of life can only work to strengthen our resolve to plant and water relentlessly, not otherwise.

As we play our part, let’s give God the glory due Him. Let’s lead and serve where we are, knowing God will bring the needed growth in 2012. Here’s yet another reminder: if you haven’t, prayerfully set your goals. Write them down and print them. Place it over your bed, on the wardrobe or somewhere you will always see it every morning. Remind yourself of what needs to happen in this year of greatness and as you pursue those dreams every day, I pray God will make great things to happen in your life.

Many blessings.

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