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Get Back to Living BOLD

2020 has been a rollercoaster for most people. Lives have been lost. Jobs have been lost. The stock market remains volatile. Savings have depleted. Relationships have broken down.

But you’re still here, and that’s no accident. You’re alive for a divine purpose, regardless of all that life has thrown at you this year.

The choice is yours

Over the years, I’ve learnt that you can either choose to run away and never confront the issues in your life or be present and face what life throws at you.

Challenges are common to all but the courage to face them is a decision. So is fear. So is indifference.

Choosing to step out and lead your life as God intends is a choice only you must make. The alternative is to be ruled by the fear that cripples your vision

If you convince yourself of 'legitimate' reasons to hide from taking responsibility for your purpose, you will never experience true satisfaction and joy. Don't give fear a chance. Share on X

I’ve been there before; hiding under the fear of not being good enough, afraid to try something new because of past failures, working so hard but seeing little rewards.

What if?

Have you considered what your life might look like if you showed more courage? What if you don’t give up? What if you refuse to bow to fear and live bold?

  • What if the book idea you’ve been sitting on for 10 years becomes a bestseller?
  • What if the new project you’re afraid to take on holds the key to significant future successes?
  • What if losing today paves the way for victory tomorrow?
  • What if the recent rejection was designed by divine providence to save you from future regrets?
  • What if?

I know life can be tough and cruel. But that’s no reason to give up on your dreams and not fulfil purpose. 2020 isn’t over just yet!

The easy path is not always the purpose path. True success always feels more fulfilling on the other side of adversity, and those adversities are meant to shape us to handle the blessings that will eventually come. Share on X

Get back to living BOLD!

Perhaps you feel you’re at a crossroad right now. No doubt you may have hard choices to make. But fear is not an option when you’re on the path of divine purpose and destiny.

Live bold. You only have one shot at life. Don’t let the dreams God has put in your heart by killed by your fears or others.

Many purpose killers are the most well-wishing people you have around. The problem is they only want you to remain in your comfort zone for as long as you live. Resist!

Don’t abandon your purpose to please people. Perhaps what you need today is the courage to say “No More!” Maybe some boats are way overdue to be rocked.

You have so much to live for. Quit running scared. Quit fear. Live in possibilities. God has invested so much potential in you and heaven believes you can.

Get back to living BOLD.

Photo by Dalton Touchberry on Unsplash.

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