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Before You Make THAT Big Decision…

Big personal decisions can be risky. Some decisions can have significant impact on our lives… and on others. Before you make your big move, consider the four steps I’ve outlined in this post as I share some of our personal experiences.

Big Decisions

I’m a believer of taking risks because I know risk is right. But how should you arrive at a convincing decision?

In the past couple of years, my wife and I have had to make tough decisions. Together, we’ve identified a pattern that works for us and will for you too.


If you’re married, pray with your spouse. If you’re not, pray. Seeking God’s face should not be a myth but a reality.

Our lives are built around the Bible. Often we have found ourselves at decision points and our first step is to reach out for scriptures that speak about our situation. We ponder their relevance to our situation and pray together, asking God to reveal His will to us.

Prayer is indispensable and will never cease to be the key that unlocks heaven on earth.

Seek Godly Counsel

In 2010, while considering and praying over the prospect of relocating to Germany, we travelled 400 miles (both directions) to speak to our ‘home church’ Pastor and mentors in order to seek their practical advice and prayers.

We chose to keep ourselves accountable this way. We’ve maintained this custom each time we are faced with a difficult family decision and continue to reap the rewards of intentional submission and accountability.

We don’t feel vulnerable when we open up; rather we are strengthened by the encouragements of our leaders, mentors and trusted friends.

Be Patient

The decision to marry (and to whom), where and when to relocate, change jobs, start a family and go into ministry can have serious consequences on you and others.

Praying and seeking godly counsel doesn’t necessarily mean you must jump immediately. Timing is crucial. You must prepare yourself for the decision that could define the next phase of your life.

You can’t make it lightly, you shouldn’t act too soon. Be patient… until you feel the inner peace and conviction to step out.

It took us another 7 months before we finally made the move to Germany after our initial conversations with our spiritual leaders.

“Do It Afraid!”

From our experiences, I’ve come to understand that having the conviction to take a big decision doesn’t always remove the consciousness of risk.

In reality, we still feel a sense of nerve and uncertainty though we have a clear word from God and encouragements from mentors. A part of you still asks: “Should I?”

It’s mostly a natural reaction, not a sin issue.

In recent weeks, my wife and I have had to ask ourselves same question again as we ponder a new leading from the Lord.

Having prayed, sought spiritual counselling and waited, we know we have to “do it afraid!” and watch God’s purpose unfold before us. This doesn’t mean acting with fear, rather despite not knowing all the finite details, we summon courage to step out all the same.

We’ve seen God repeatedly honour our faith this way and I want to challenge you to do the same.

As you ponder your next big decision, I encourage you to consider these four steps that have become part of our lives and make them a part of yours.

I pray you find God’s peace and strength in the journey ahead of you.

Grace and peace.

Question: What other step do you take before a big decision in your life?

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