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How to Win Your Battles

The story of David and Goliath remains an ageless inspirational classic. The odds were simply against the young lad. Check out Goliath’s remarkable profile:

  • His winning track record? Formidable.
  • His size advantage? Unprecedented.
  • His gear? Impenetrable.

David’s victory over the giant was a miracle. Yes, God did this. But David played his part nonetheless. How crucial his actions proved!

You may not be facing Goliath of Gath today. But you have your own giants to contend with. Doubt, fear, financial uncertainty, marital or health challenges, addiction, low personal esteem, you name it.

In this post, I chronicle seven (7) tangible actions David took towards victory in I Samuel 17:17-48 and how these could be your winning formula to life’s challenges too.

Be present when it matters

Not everyone is present in their lives when it matters. David was. The first step to winning is showing up in the ring.

He was in the right place at the right time, asked the right questions and made the difficult but God-inspired choices — 1 Samuel 17:17-18, 22.

Be present in the moment; your moment. Share on X

Be careful what and who you listen to

The army of Israel was fear-stricken. No soldier was willing to risk their life — 1 Samuel 17:23-25. But did you notice how quick they were to point out the promised reward though?

This is ever so common. Many love the result but only a few embrace the risk.

Be careful what and who you listen to. Faith comes by hearing — Romans 10:17. David did not let their fear stiffle his faith.

What you hear and who you listen to will either stir up faith or fear in you. Watch it. Guard your heart. Protect your faith. Share on X

Stand your ground

Eliab was quick to pick on David for showing up and ‘asking too many questions‘ — 1 Samuel 17:28-29. Of course he had good reason to be concerned. For a start, David was the baby of the house with no military training.

However, the lad was quick to affirm he was present for a purpose.

Don’t expect everyone to understand your vision and cheer you on. But you must be intentional to know your purpose for each season and in every moment.

Don’t let anyone shut out your light; you have a radical purpose. Stand your ground.

You’ve been here before

Even the king could not fathom the boldness of the shepherd boy and was determined to discourage him from ‘dying a useless death’. But David would not be persuaded otherwise — 1 Samuel 17:33-35.

David was fully ‘locked in’ and his faith was helped by recalling this wasn’t his first experience with a near impossible situation. The same is true for you.

Your present fears, anxiety and predicament aren't your first 'giant' experience. You've been here before. This is familiar ground. You'll get through this too. Share on X

Remember your past victories. God came through for you in the past. He will do it again.

Don’t fight spiritual battles with carnal weapons

The helmet of bronze, coat of armour and the sword were not going to make a difference in this battle. David knew that — 1 Samuel 17:38-39,45-46.

Sometimes, we make the mistake of fighting spiritual battles with carnal weapons. Don’t fight people; the battle is spiritual.

David declared, “I come to you in the name of the Lord of hosts, the God of the armies of Israel…”, not with any physical weapon. Quit fighting flesh with flesh; prayer is the key — Ephesians 6:10-18.

Make God your priority

David’s priority wasn’t for his own safety or personal victory… not even primarily for Israel. Instead, he was driven by a holy passion for God’s glory — 1 Samuel 17:37,46-47.

You may be the vessel but the battle ultimately belongs to God. Make God your priority and honour His glory in all you do.

Courage is shown in your actions, not your words

David ran quickly towards Goliath, not away from him — 1 Samuel 17:48. Such incredible faith!

To win in life, you must back up your prayer with practical steps of faith.

Courage is not shown in what you say but what you do. Let your confessions and prayer result in faith-soaked acts that will dismantle your giants.

Your testimony is ONLY on the other side of the test. God is for you and His grace abounds.

Photo by Adlan on Unsplash.

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