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3 Life Lessons From My Daughter’s Baptism

When our daughter told us late last year she’d love to get baptised, our initial reaction was mixed. Was she ready? Did she fully understand the implications of water baptism?

Not long before this time, she had enquired about speaking in tongues and now it was water baptism. Clearly, something was going on.

When we engaged her in several conversations, it was clear that God laid this on her heart.

As she articulated and wrote down her salvation story and her biblical understanding of water baptism, we knew she was ready.

So with much prayer, she made a public affirmation of her faith in Christ this year.

The power of example

The greatest legacy parents can leave their children is to lead them the path of Calvary so they can make a personal decision to embrace and follow Christ.

You may not afford to buy them expensive clothes and gadgets but don’t neglect them the opportunity to know and walk in their purpose, thereby experiencing the true meaning of life.

These lines stuck out to me as she read out her salvation story to the entire church:

When I was younger, I used to go into my dad’s prayer closet when he is praying and join him. He never sent me out but encouraged me to join whenever I came. I believe those experiences as a younger child helped me understand the importance of prayer and believing in Jesus. 

I wasn’t thinking at the time about how my actions would get a mention in her public affirmation to follow Christ but I was conscious of my parental example.

We learn best by example, not by much talking. Learn to walk your talk.

John Maxwell has always challenged me with the powerful truth that people always do what people see.”

There is power in your example; so make it count for good.

Personal testimony is a beautiful thing

She was the youngest in her baptism group but wasn’t fazed by the moment. We had teenagers, middle-age folks and an over 70 year-old getting baptised. And there stood my 9-year old in the mix.

Watching her read out her personal testimony before the congregation, I could not hold back the tears. This was a glorious God moment.

In the last few years, we’ve watched God move in her life.

Whether it’s reading the bible at daily family devotion or her own daily quiet time in her room, in the office or even on the bathroom floor, I’ve been inspired by her consistency.

Another line from her testimony was: “…it hasn’t always been easy to be a Christian, but Jesus is constantly changing my heart as I read my Bible each day.”

Why does this even matter? It does because personal testimony is a beautiful thing.

It's one thing to speak about the relevance of God in the universe but your testimony as a result your personal encounter with Him cannot be denied or taken from you // 3 Life Lessons From My Daughter's Baptism Click To Tweet

By your personal testimony, many can come to embrace Christ. Remember, knowing God is a matter of personal dealing J.I. Packer.

The journey begins when you take a stand

Her testimony moved the church to tears. It was a joy-filled, precious moment. But it wasn’t the end game.

Making a public declaration for Jesus isn’t the destination but a critical milestone on your pilgrim journey.

Your Peniel experience isn’t the destination. Crossing the Red Sea doesn’t mean you’re in heaven just yet. Your Burning Bush moment isn’t the end.

There’s more that lie ahead of you. Yes, more challenges and trials but most importantly, more victories too. The journey begins when you take a stand.

Many watched my daughter take a stand for Jesus and many more witnesses are now urging her along the way, whispering each day to her, “No turning back, no turning back!” Hebrews 10:39.

And we trust God’s grace to be sufficient to the end.

A massive shout out to the leadership team and awesome people at PCF Church for receiving and welcoming us so warmly in Christ. Indeed, we are #RaisedToLife.

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