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As 2014 gradually winds down, what thoughts and reflections are uppermost on your mind? Are you filled with excitement for 2015, afraid of what the new year might hold for you, or weighed down with thoughts of regrets for every missed opportunity in 2014?


However you answer the question, you still have a lot to be thankful for.

We are thankful

2014 has been significant for my family and we are thankful for so many things, most of which cannot be outlined in this post. However,

  • In January, I took a step of faith and kicked off a new initiative for university students without knowing how it would evolve. As we travelled across cities, I’ve been blessed to meet awesome students eager to change their story.
  • Through God, we’ve reached out to students in Essen and its environs (in Germany), Eindhoven (in The Netherlands), Gent (in Belgium) and Amsterdam (in The Netherlands).
  • My wife took a bigger leap of faith and started a new business. She loves her craft (nothing makes a man happier than a truly happy wife. I’m blessed!).
  • And of course, my daughter, who’s gradually becoming the “Commander-in-Chief” of the house has never stopped giving us (and others) so much joy. She’s awesome.

Pain is always on the cards

2014 also brought us significant pain and challenges. We hit rock bottom owing to a succession of personal griefs and bereavements. We felt a depth of sorrow we had never experienced before as a couple. But true to God’s promises and with time, the darkness lifted.

I learned three key lessons from the ‘not-so-good’ experiences of the year:

  1. Death helps us live with true perspective.
  2. Through the storms of today we gain strength for tomorrow’s journey.
  3. Out of the ordinary, we can experience extraordinary grace (when God is involved).

As you look forward to 2015, eager to fulfil purpose and live intentionally, I have two advice for you.

[1] Go all the way with God

We often kid ourselves by going with the mass emotions of the season leading up to the new year. But it all soon fizzles away and we find ourselves struggling with our resolutions in February.

God is not seeking people who have a long list of resolutions — all He desires is commitment.

By taking ‘baby steps’ of commitment, you will be trusted with significant responsibilities. It’s the same in the secular as it is in the spiritual.

Be ready to start and end 2015 with God. No other way.

When we fail to commit our lives to God, He’s not obliged to commit His favour on us.

[2] Take some risks

Risk is rewarding.

There are many ways to live that will keep you safe and in your comfort zone. But without taking some risks, you could miss out on the best that life (and God) has to offer. Maybe it’s time to:

  • relocate
  • make a career move
  • apply for the promotion
  • re-train and acquire new skills
  • organise that seminar and conference you’ve always wanted to
  • take up a life-changing trip to a new city or country
  • serve in a local or international charity
  • experience a new culture
  • apply for a university/college place
  • lead a small group in your local church
  • get married
  • start a family (if you’re married)

Sometimes we get stuck in the safe routines, we forget what inconvenience feels like. And oh how we all need some inconvenience!

In my experience, it’s the moments of inconvenience that truly gives us the platform to experience personal growth.

Don’t be afraid to try something new, to come out your comfort zone. I challenge you to push yourself to the limit in 2015. Stretch yourself. Lead a positive change where you are and don’t be afraid to try. Risk is definitely right.

Question: How do you intend to make 2015 awesome? I look forward to praying with you.

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