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Aspiration: Acting Your Dream

I spent 4 days at an international youth conference in Cologne designed to teach, inspire and minister to 100+ young people from across four countries.

The best jobs are not about us

A huge amount of strategic thinking, organization and prayers go into hosting and executing this conference each year. This year was no exception. But I love every stage of the challenge, journey and experience.

We had senior pastors who gave up their time to hang out with us. They spoke passionately into the lives of the youths in ways I’ve never seen them speak. It was both intense and life changing.

The best jobs on earth involve pouring our lives into others, helping them discover their life’s purpose and giving them the platform to live intentionally. It’s not about us.
Photo credit: James Qualtrough / Foter / CC BY

Photo credit: James Qualtrough / Foter / CC BY

I will aspire!

I want to give you an insight into a theme that ran throughout the event: ASPIRE. When I wasn’t speaking, mentoring or facilitating groups, I was listening to other speakers and taking notes like words would soon become extinct.

What does aspiration mean to you? Take a peek into my notes (key points only)

  • Aspiration is the exercise of your will. You can only attain what you exercise your will on.
  • What makes life boring for many people is not so much their environment but lack of personal aspiration.
  • Aspiration makes you see life as exciting – there’s something worth living for.
  • It’s only the things we desire strongly that we can seek earnestly and pray for passionately.

What aspiration will add to your life

It’s difficult, if not impossible, to reach a desired goal without aspiration. What you desire deeply, you must pursue passionately.

Aspiration is the oil that renews your engine of passion and dreams. Wanna tweet that?

Living with aspiration adds lots of value to your life. It:

  • makes you think differently.
  • produces positive change.
  • makes you dream dreams of success and progress.
  • sets you free from boredom.
  • moves you closer to mentors.
  • pushes you to ask serious questions (about life in general and yours in particular).
  • gives you energy and excitement to work harder.

Will you aspire today?

After the conference, I caught up with one of my youngsters and she couldn’t curtail her excitement. She’s carried for too long a career dream she’s been unable to act on. She said to me:

“After this conference, I’m ready to start. I’m fired up. This was what I needed. I’m ready”

What about you? Do you aspire to something awesome or only content with average? It’s time to step up the game, to get fired up, to move away from boredom (mediocrity) and head into the excitement a purposeful and intentional life offers.

On a personal level, I’ve done a reality check (with my wife), and we’re moving into new levels of aspiration we’ve only dreamed of… until now. We’re taking actions. We’re starting.

“If you don’t aspire, you will expire” – anonymous (Click to spread the wisdom)

What’s your take on aspiration? How are you readying yourself to start acting your dreams?

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5 Replies

  1. Joseph, I like to revisit my aspirations from time to time and see where I stand. In my experience sometimes our aspirations change, sometimes they get lost and sometimes we just plain get caught up with everything else in life. For me it’s important that my aspirations are connected with God’s will for my life. If I know that God has called me to do something that gives me strength and encouragement to continue pursuing that goal despite difficulties along the way.

    1. Caleb, I agree we need flexibility with our aspirations as circumstances often change around us but we need to remain resolute in our pursuit. This is where God’s grace is needed. I’m in agreement with you completely. Thanks for doing the great work you’re doing on the mission field.

  2. I’ve said it so many times, we make time for what’s important for us. that being said, this part of your post really struck home with me, “It’s only the things we desire strongly that we can seek earnestly and pray for passionately.”

    Great post, thanks for sharing what you learned! God bless.

    1. Thanks friend. It was an awesome 4 days. How’s your week going?

      1. My weeks pretty good, thanks!

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