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Are You Intentional?

Three weeks ago, you made a promise to experience awesome, do awesome and be awesome.

You promised to come out of your comfort zone and take some risks.

You promised not to be afraid of the unknown.

You promised.

Yes, you promised.

Remember the energy you had at the start of 2017? Where’s it all gone? Why do you feel diminised and uninspired already? Why are you disillusioned?


This is what it takes to win

I warned you against new year resolutions and instead challenged you to aspire for more. But the best of intentions do not produce results — being intentional about your life and acting on purpose does.

When you are intentional, you will get up and get busy for a great cause. God commits great work to those that are willing to serve and lead from anywhere. Acting on purpose is what it takes to win. Be intentional.

That means looking at your 2017 goals on your tablet, hanging on your wall or wardrobe each morning and taking an action a day at a time to accomplish them.

Stop sitting on your aspirations

Dreams are great but actions speak louder than words; being intentional is the fuel that will propel you to awesome.

So, stop sitting on your aspirations and show the needed courage to act on them. Take personal responsibility for your growth.

  • Open that book and read.
  • Sign up for that overdue training course or Masters programme.
  • Register for that summer camp in Africa, South America or Asia in advance.
  • Pick up the phone and speak to your local council about that community project.
  • Change your diet and lose that weight.
  • Create that blog. Write that post. Your story matters.
  • Change that attitude.

Be intentional.

There’s one person that desperately needs you to stop talking and start doing; that’s YOU! After all,

Talk doesn’t cook rice (action does!) — Chinese Proverb.

Image courtesy of Massimiliano Sarno | Flickr

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