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How Will You Answer?

“Only one life, t’will soon be past, only what’s done for Christ will last.”

Years ago, I heard John Piper speak with immense passion about how he watched and listened to his father preach over the years on the single life. One particular phrase would go on to shape calling his life and calling: “Only one life!”

Ever since, I’ve embraced those words. It has changed my life too and set me on a course to NOT waste my life.

…Only what’s done for Christ will last!

That’s not relative but absolute. Anything else we achieve or do in life that fails to have its foundation in Christ, though awesome, will not last forever and have no eternal consequence.

How will you answer?

To make your life count, you must answer these three fundamental questions:

  • ‘Only one opportunity to live – “How am I living it?”
  • ‘Only one life to make a difference – “How am I ensuring I don’t waste it?”
  • ‘Only one chance to make your life count – “How am I investing it?”

If you’re not living on purpose, you will waste it. If you’re not intentional about your life, it will have no eternal consequence. If you’re not answering these three questions, you risk living and dying without a lasting, godly legacy.

Life is an opportunity: live it to the full with God’s purpose and eternity in view.

Life is a gift: make a difference in people’s lives. Start where you are. Don’t waste it.

Life is a loan: invest it wisely. Make it count so you can give a good account in the end.

Are you committed to change?

You can live for self or you can choose to live for The One bigger than life itself. Tweet

You can chase wind or you can pursue Grace. However you choose, you only have one life; one life to make or mar your destiny. And your choice carry eternal consequences too. So how would you choose?

This calls for sober reflection. Take a moment to linger. Take stock of your life and make necessary changes. Make your life count now and always!

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