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Ahita: The Curse is Broken — A Poem

This week, I was reminded of the power of hope in God. However long the challenges you face, God remains faithful to hear your prayers, heal your heart and give you deep peace.

I want to share a poem from my book Even in the Well to encourage you to keep believing.

It’s my adaptation of the story of the unnamed woman with the issue of blood in Luke 8:43-48. I call her Ahita.

Your tears will not run forever. God knows your hurt, feels your pain and will calm the storm. May faith bring you to the side of victory against all odds against you.

Ahita: The Curse is Broken — A Poem

Across the beautiful landscape sits a small cottage;
Two dogs running round the basement and 
Children seen playing on
The turf in the front yard.

The door that leads to the Victorian
House looks old, the
Knob hanging in the
Dirty and dusty windows mark everywhere and
A woman sits quietly in a 
Tiny, rusty chair at the front entrance.
Her face pale as she overlooks
The serene sight,
But nothing to behold about her.

The busy children pay no attention
To her,
Crossing mothers barely stopped to say 
Her husband left two years ago,
I bet he had enough;
Who would bear the stench and sight of 
Blood everywhere, for she has been diseased for that long
and bore no child.

Doctors said her womb was ruptured,
Some said it was an infection, but
All believed she was cursed.
Poor Ahita, O! Poor Ahita! Once rich,
Now can barely feed.
Who cares about food when 
All you do is bleed!

Poor Ahita! No son, no daughter,
No husband;
She runs it with two dogs, a pain-stricken body and a 
Broken heart.

If death was around the corner
Ahita would have embraced it.
But death, even death has stayed away from her,
Lest it too be cursed.
Who says death is not afraid of 
But she knew, Ahita knew someday
She would be new.

Twelve years had passed and
Though her face looked
Her faith never waned,
Though her days seemed
Her name never changed; for she was
Called Ahita, because she had many
Reasons to keep
Hope alive.

And her hope did come alive one day;
For the Master took His journey
Into town,
And she heard of His good 
He was a keen man, never
Denying a sick child.

Poor Ahita had reasons to retire to 
She had seen many doctors
But she knew He was no such, for
She thought;
"If only I could but
Touch His cloak, I 
Would be made whole"

With no neighbours to help, Ahita
Made her way to the scene and found
Many a crowd,
So many she couldn't count
But her faith didn't fade.
She pushed, forged, begged to pass but never
Stopped, for she knew
"If only I could touch the hem of the Master's
Cloak, I will be whole"

She did touch, the crowd never saw but
The Master knew it all.
Oh, how amazing the touch of
Oh, what wonders to be seen amidst 
A multitude!
The fountain of blood
Dried up and 
Ahita cried, but this time
She cried for joy.
The curse of Ahita is 
Broken by the power of the 
Master, and she owed no man a
Dime any longer.

Ahita crawled to the scene, but now she
Could run to the fields.
The Master was not done with 
Her, for none had ever 'stolen' virtue
From him... and for that he asked
"Who touched me?"
Amidst His sullen friends, she humbly
Came and knelt as His feet,
"My name is Ahita, for I had 
Been cursed for twelve years", she said with
Her head bowed.

The Master couldn't resist; who
Can resist so great a 
With a cloud of tears in His eyes that 
Wouldn't fall and
A smile on His face, the Master
Placed His hand on her shoulder and affirmed,
"Go home my daughter, the
Curse of Ahita is broken. 
Be whole again."

However long you have been waiting and trusting God for your miracle, be encouraged by the promise that He’s never late. He will do all things well in your life — Mark 7:37

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Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash.

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