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‘Absurd’ Grace

Grace is stupendous in every sense. It’s


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Grace is a God Thing

I continue to stand amazed at the wonder of grace. You should too. I share about the awesomeness of grace at, where I am guest posting. Every Christian must read this post. Every seeker should read this post. I welcome your views and comments there.

Before you head over to read the rest of the post, take this with you… Grace is about:

“A Holy God interested in the lives of unholy mortals, seeking to draw them to Himself…”

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Donya Dunlap is a writer, graphic designer, speaker and abolitionist that desires to communicate God’s unfathomable love to women through teaching Bible studies, speaking engagements, and writing books and articles. Her first book, Forgetting the Fairy Tale, is scheduled for publication in the winter of 2012/2013. Connect with her on her BlogTwitter or Facebook.

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