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Meet the Purpose Guy

I’m Joseph and it’s an awesome privilege to have you on my blog.

I am deeply passionate about purpose and inspiring hope. My personal journey of grace and hope inspires me to do what I do.


  • A fatherless, destitute and hopeless teenager to a First Class graduate and recipient of top university awards
  • Countless obstacles to basic education (nearly dropped out) to becoming the first child to obtain university education
  • The shacks of Lagos to working for top European organizations.

My story has inspired thousands of young people across the globe to dream a new dream for their lives and pursue their passion. You can read more about My Story of Hope.


I am married to my best friend, confidant and companion, Temi. She is an exceptional woman of faith, great character and strength and has remained a source of inspiration to me through the years.

We met in 2002 and got married 7 years later through an experience that could only have been designed by God. We are blessed with two children.

Together, we are passionate about helping others discover and live out their God-intended purpose.

The Blog

I write mainly about:

  • Discovering Purpose,
  • Inspiring Hope and
  • Living the God-Intended Life.

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Some Popular Posts

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