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A Word on Discernment

Every Christian should read 1 Kings 13 again. It’s the story we’ve come to know as that of the ‘young prophet’. God sent him on an assignment to Bethel from Judah… Read the story yourself and if possible, again!

What a story! What reality! Sometimes we fall into the trap of assuming the Bible is fiction. We become so familiar with scriptures it begins to feel like ‘tales by moonlight’. We must not be fooled or deceived. Everything we read in scripture is for our learning and holds record of many real life events.

The young prophet, just like some of us… Full of courage, guts, passion, zeal and purpose. And before you shake your head at his errors, not all of us can boast of the qualities already mentioned. He had them all. He stood up to King Jeroboam and didn’t bow to pressure. He was courageous. He went on the assignment appointed him. Some of us are still sitting where God spoke 5 years ago. So while we recognise his inexcusable errors, let’s respect his courage, obedience and passion… while it lasted.

But he lacked one thing when he needed it most; discernment. And we can only learn that lesson from his case from hindsight today, not otherwise. That’s another reason for us to be thankful for God’s grace. Not sure how many of us would have dared obeyed to go to Bethel and face a dangerous and callous ruler, one that would not hesitate at wielding his sword over a head.

Oh how we need the spirit of discernment. Passion is good. But wisdom is better. Zeal is powerful. But patience is more. Discernment! It’s about understanding the times. It’s about knowing the mind of God, knowing and sensing His next move and being in spiritual sync with the Holy Spirit. Oh how I could do with more of that, Lord!

And we can only grow discernment through relationship. Being with God, learning at His feet, studying His Word will reveal so much about His will and mind. Sometimes we just need to be quiet in the place of prayer. We talk too much and most of our prayers are “Gimme Gimme” requests for blessings! Sometimes, let’s be still and know He’s God. Let’s hear what God is thinking, saying, planning…

Oh how I long for better days, Lord! Take me back to the old time religion! I need You! I need discernment!! How about you? Then let us pray meaningfully this time…

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