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3 Life Lessons That Will Change Your Life

This past weekend, I had the privilege of speaking to a group of 35+ young people at my home church in Liverpool. What do you say to youngsters you haven’t seen in over a year and have grown up so fast?

The remarkable story of Ric Elias

Inspired by the remarkable 5-minute video of Ric Elias, I shared with them three key life lessons I believe could change their lives on application.

Ric survived the 2009 plane crash into Hudson River, New York. Watch the video.

Quit Procrastinating Personal Change

Too many times, we push away opportunities for personal change. We defer our very lifeline at experiencing a new, liberated life.

When we procrastinate to change behaviour, to get rid of that besetting sin, to renew our minds, to respond to God’s call to saving grace, we fall further down into the same pit we’re trying so hard to come out of.

Procrastination deprives us of the chance to experience transformation and we can easily end up wasting precious time on things that don’t matter.

Remember, you won’t be here forever. So don’t say:  “I’ll do it tomorrow.” You only have now.

Eliminate Negative Energy

Negative energy is increasingly zapping life out of our younger generation. But this problem is equally pervasive across all age group.

When we hold an unholy, angry disposition at the world and everyone around us, positive change becomes impossible. Negative energy is a disease you must get rid of from your life. However, that only happens when there’s personal commitment on your part to respond positively to issues of life.

Don’t blame others for your mistakes — take responsibility and change course where and when necessary.

Life is a gift; enjoy it with a smile on your face. Share this

Live a life that counts

Lastly, I challenged my young audience with a vital life lesson: live a life that counts for a glorious, God-intended cause.

If you’ve been reading my blog for some time, you’d have noticed I’m passionate about this life lesson. Know why?

Because living any other way is a wasted life. And you wouldn’t want to waste your life, right?

During my talk, I asked the audience what they’d do differently if they had 30 minutes to live. A young lady said she’d take life more seriously. With her response, I challenged her to so right away, NOW — not tomorrow.

Living to die without regrets begins with taking the gift of life seriously. If you postpone today’s change, you can’t avoid tomorrow’s pain.

Question: Which of the three life lessons speaks to you personally and why?

Video Credit: TED Talk | Featured Image by al (rhino) del vecchio — Flickr

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  1. life is so short. We think we have so much time. But we don’t. It’s one commodity we can’t buy. We must make the most of this life. One way I try and decide if something is worth my time and energy is to think, “will this matter in five years from now”. If it won’t, why take time away from something that will matter?
    God is the only one who can always direct our paths correctly. We need to trust Him. Let His word be a light for our feet.

    1. Thanks for sharing, TC. Life is definitely short and we must live purposefully. For the younger generation, we must continue to tell them in the hope that they will turn to Christ and live for Him.

      1. Yes, we do, Joseph. The younger generations need to know they need Christ. We must show them Him, we must be His light, love, and heart for the lost. They need to see that He is real.

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