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12 Ways to Add Value to Your Life in 2015

In 2014, my blog was visited tens of thousands of times by readers from 144 countries, including Suriname, a South America country I never knew existed.


It’s more than numbers

What makes the stats meaningful is not the numbers but the lives they represent.

If there’s one thing that inspires me to keep writing, it’s the reality that out there, in some faraway island or country, someone is being encouraged.

I appreciate you for staying the course with me on this journey of hope.

12 Ways to Add Value to Your Life in 2015

In this short post, I’d love to share with you 12 ways you can add real value to your life in 2015. You want to look back in December and have the confidence that you’ve lived a transformational live.

Here are my 12 top and quick advice for you:

  1. Seek God passionately — Matthew 6:33.
  2. Help real people solve real problems.
  3. Give to those who cannot pay you back — Luke 6:38.
  4. Read a book a month or two. Knowledge is invaluable.
  5. Choose inconvenience over ease. You’ll forfeit great life lessons if you don’t.
  6. Break off destructive friendships and relationships. Give up on foolishness. It’s time to grow up! — 1 Corinthians 15:33.
  7. Prioritise your time. Always ask yourself: “Is this urgent? Is this important?”  Ephesians 5:16.
  8. Embrace challenges. They change lives and perspectives.
  9. Accept feedback… especially the ones that hurt the most. They help you make better decisions.
  10. Learn a new skill. Master a craft. Become awesome at one thing.
  11. Start that one initiative and project you’ve always been afraid to try. Your destiny might just depend on it.
  12. Seek God passionately. Be resolute enough to end the year the way you started. 

Here’s to a life of purpose this year!

Question: What other value-add commitments have you made for 2015?

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6 Replies

  1. I love #3, it seems that so often we help only those who we think my help us. For me one of my commitments for 2015 is to grown in my faith by writting more.

    1. #3 is so real! This morning, I read Luke 6:35 “Lend, expecting nothing in return…”
      On your commitment, you have the heart; I pray God gives you grace to stay consistent in your faith though the year.

  2. Excellent advice, #5 really stood out to me.
    Have a blessed 2015!

    1. ‘Praying you experience all of God’s best this year my friend.

  3. Great points, Joseph. It’s about being servant minded.

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