What Will Your Children See?

Isabel-Juda turned 10 months last week! Can you believe that already?

What legacy are you leaving?

I’ve often been asked why I write about my daughter and my response is very simple:

She’s no ordinary child. I want to leave a legacy she can trace and one she grows up to aspire to.

I believe children should grow up knowing about their childhood; watching videos of when they ordered their first meal (like this one) or how they chose an iPhone over Blackberry for the first time (like here).

If you’re a parent, what visible legacy are you leaving for your children? If you’re not a parent yet, your choices today will determine much of what happens to your legacy tomorrow.


I want to be like mummy and daddy!

I don’t want my children to grow up and look to others first for identity. I want them to discover that at home. I want them to look at mummy and daddy and say;

This way of life is so cool. I want to be like mummy and daddy.

I want them to love Jesus. I want them to change their world positively. I want them to inspire their own generation. I want them to learn forgiveness. I want them to understand the power of generosity.

For that to happen, we are exposing Isabel to people, prayer, worship. She’s on the road with me on speaking engagements. She’s exploring new possibilities of her world within guided boundaries.

I know what you’re thinking now and you’re right; I don’t know how much of today she will remember when she turns 7 but the key is laying a good foundation.

Starting is the best recipe for finishing well. Tweet that

What will your children see?

When my children look at me, I don’t want them to see a perfect man who never missed a step. Far from it! (Surprised?)

Rather, I want my children to see an imperfect man that loves Jesus with a heart made perfect by God’s grace. I want them to see a man that did everything he could to make God known. I want them to see an earthly father that did his best to replicate the Heavenly Father’s love to them.

And I want them to choose same too.

What do you want your children to see in you when they grow up? What specific actions are you taking today to make that a reality? Leave a comment.

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