Your Story Matters

Recently, we looked at the power of words and the need to become more intentional with how we use them, because words matter.


Your words matter, no matter where they’re written, spoken, read or heard.

…because I have a story to tell.

Image courtesy of aVeryStory

Image courtesy of aVeryStory

I had an experience this week that informed this post. I went out for lunch with a senior manager in the office. He’s a friend of a friend. A few minutes into our walk to the restaurant, he quizzed me:

I hear from (our common friend) that you’re passionate about young people and college students. What informs such passion? Why do you invest that much into them?

Looking back at my answer to him, I felt it was absolutely the right place to begin. I said to him:

…because of my story. I do what I do because I have a story to tell.

In the 90 minutes that followed at the restaurant, I shared with him my story of hope and how through life’s difficult transitions I’ve grown a passion for helping others live with purpose and intensity. He found my story incredible and almost hard to believe. But he did.

After lunch, he said to me;

Joseph, listening to you, I would say I had a privileged life in contrast to yours. I went to the best school and had the best stuff. But your story makes me question myself and ask “What have I truly done with my life?” You’ve inspired me to do more.

Live a story worth telling

Our stories matter. Our choices do not just shape our lives but those we come in contact with on our journey of grace and hope.

The fabrics of our lives are interwoven with personal experiences that connect us with others. Share this.

Just over a decade ago, I was busy trying to figure out the purpose for my sufferings and meaning to my life. Unknown to me, I was making choices in the process that would shape others.  I was living a story worth telling.

What choices are you making today? Are you living a story today worth telling tomorrow?

Your story matters. Live it. Live it well.

P.S. Thanks to everyone who prayed with me enroute to Berlin last weekend. God visited us at the youth event. It was awesome. More story on that to come. God bless you!

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