Your Script: Are You Living It?

From Joseph: This post first appeared on The Story of Hope in 2013 and has been refreshed. It is an adapted excerpt from my anthology, Even in the Well, available on Amazon. 

Life is like a movie; you are cast to play a part. With many cast on stage, everyone has a script with a unique role to play – including you.

What’s in your script?


The Director does one thing – He sits and observes. Not for lack of creativity, instead He’s gracious enough to allow us express ourselves on stage with a script in hand to guide us.

You know who the cast are, don’t you? You know too well who the Director is, don’t you? Yes, you are right. We are the cast, the Director – God.

But some times we lose sight of the One who set the stage and we abandon our script in search of a part we are not cast to play. In the end, some end up missing out of their final commendation. Why? They lived outside the Director’s plot, plan and purpose.

What’s in your script? Are you aligned with His divine plot? Are you living within the scope of your script? Or have you deviated?

There is hope for you

If you’ve deviated from your script, I urge you to return and pursue the Director’s mandate for your life. His providence and grace will bring beauty out of your ashes and make meaning out of every chaos.Even in the Well 3D

You say:

“Joseph, you don’t get it. I’ve messed up. I don’t think my situation can be remedied” 

I used to be you… until the Director made me realize that:

Past mistakes can be forgiven and forgotten. Yesterday’s hurt can become today’s healing. Yesterday’s loss can become today’s gain. Yesterday’s tears can become today’s smiles. Yesterday’s pain can become today’s power. Yesterday’s sin can become today’s mercy. Yesterday’s rebellion can become today’s obedience. Yesterday’s heartache can become today’s joy. Yesterday’s questions can lead to today’s answers. Yesterday’s weakness can become today’s strength. And today’s strength will become tomorrow’s victory and the future holds no more fears. 

That’s what happens when you wholly trust God’s grace. There’s hope for you.

Question: What practical actions help you stay focused on your divine script and what advise do you have for anyone seeking to return to theirs?

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